Q&A A tip for brides… How to negotiate with a wedding vendor

I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief right now (It’s actually Thursday)!  Two weeks ago my sister had a seizure which resulted in her going to the ER and being diagnosed with having a brain tumor in the right hand side of her head.  Today she had surgery to remove the tumor and the surgeon literally came down 20 minutes ago and gave us a good report!!!  SHE IS OKAY!!!  Holy CRAP!  I wanted to scream and jump for joy and do a dance!  (actually… we did!  We went outside and danced and did a jumping hug because some moments deserve just that… a silly, stupid looking, giggling, so freaking happy jumping hug!!!!)  The surgeon said the procedure had gone perfectly and that Linden was in good health.  I am still waiting to go into the recovery room to see her, but you can imagine the relief that we are feeling as a family.  Just unreal.  ;D

So in all honesty I filmed this last week… it didn’t go online because I flew back to Seattle to be with Linden, but it’s here now.  Inside you’ll find my tips on how a bride might approach negotiating a wedding contract with a wedding vendor.  This could be one of my most badass tips EVER… so listen up! ;D


  • daiva - August 8, 2014 - 7:02 pm

    I love watching these! And so happy for your sister and your whole family. Sending love and light her way!ReplyCancel

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