Q&A – Whats the hardest photo to get at a wedding?

Ohhhhh Nelly!!!  Its been a few Fridays since my last post!  47 lashings with a wet noodle!  (that sounds like it could even be fun hehe…)

Wedding season is a CRANKIN’ and that tied with a trip back home to Seattle to visit my family has put me a little off course!

Anyways… A question from my last post came up from Ana Raab, and here it is, “What is the hardest photo to get at a wedding?”

To find out, you’re gonna have to watch the video below! (annnd you’ll also see how I cant count) Enjoy!

As always… if you have a photography, wedding photography, or wedding related question, please send it to me by commenting on my Facebook page, or on this post!  All I want to do is to help ONE person each week, so if you want to be that one person, lets lock it up! ;D


  • DUNCAN REYES - October 19, 2014 - 7:49 am


    i know that some (or most) photographers have their own preferred timeline. and of course, wedding planners have the “master” timeline. but i especially love it when photographers have their own and share it with me, and who are willing to collaborate together and discuss how they can help “master” the logistics of the wedding day by combining both timelines. but there are those photographers who a) would prefer not to use the wedding planner’s or the combined timeline and would rather stick to their own; b) if they don’t have a timeline, and i give them mine (even after having discussed how we should schedule the day), they still don’t bring their own timeline and are so co-dependent on me, bugging me with questions throughout the night i.e. when’s the first dance? are we doing the cake cutting yet? who’s giving the speeches next? which is the reason why wedding planners spend so much time and effort and creating a minute-by-minute schedule to make it a seamless day. but it erks me each time i find out that these photographers don’t bother to either read them or bring it with them. so i always tell all my vendors who receive my timelines to please bring it for their reference the day of, ‘cuz i am not bringing any copies for anyone, nor should i be bothered by a gazillion questions the entire day. i shouldn’t have to tell them how to do their job and remind them of things. that right there is a “red flag” to put that photographer on my “black list” and not ever would i want to work with them again. and i have quite a few photographers on that list, and they now who they are. what can we do to prevent that? okay – i’m done venting … LMFAO!!!

    thanks, colson!ReplyCancel

    • Colson Griffith - October 20, 2014 - 9:47 am

      Haha… Duncan!!! Thats hilarious…. I can hear your frustration through your writing. Ill get on it dude! Good topic for next week. Thanks for dropping a line (or 700) lol. ;D


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