Q&A – How to walk the line between being fun and encouraging vs assertive and standoffish when taking portraits


Happy Friday Ya’lls!  This post is all sneak sneaky… because I’m actually shooting a wedding today, not here at home wearing a blue shirt talking to you via the internet tubes.  I filmed this one a week ago after getting a question from Joseph Braun and put it all online earrrrrly so that I could keep up with my Fridays!

So, what is this question that Joseph asked?  Welllll… let’s take a look, ” How do walk the fine line of being easy going positive and fun and being assertive during an event? I either get stressed or am to standoffish”

What’s my secret you ask?

Click on that bad boy below to see!

  • Amy - September 12, 2014 - 7:24 am

    Love your Q&A videos! I love your work, and your willingness to help others out! Thank you! Happy Friday!ReplyCancel

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