Q&A – The tools I use to deliver galleries to my wedding couples

This week’s Q&A post came from Miss Alicia Griffeth out in Chi-town.  Alicia second shot a wedding with me out in Chicago earlier this year and she totally killed it… so, I suppose I owe her a little sumptin’ sumptin’ for making me look good out there.

She asked (well… ONE of the questions she asked) what I recommend for proofing sites.  Well… “proofing” is a bit of a word that I will translate into “gallery”… The traditional sense of proofing would be to share images with a client, and have them select which ones they want to keep for an album or prints. I dont actually do any of that “proofing” business, but I DO offer all of my couples a gallery where they can view and share their images online.

Below is a little video hotness describing the two tools that I use… and in addition I’ve got a few links for you to check out if you want to get into these gems for yourself.  ;D

Pass Galleries: http://pass.us

SmugMug Galleries: http://www.smugmug.com and use this code to save some bucks!  u6lJBmIN0RJuY

Alright… here’s the goods!  Enjoy!

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