Q&A – Staying Positive, To Watermark or not to watermark… that is the question!, and how to get that sexy background blur in your photos!

Happy Friday!  Fly day!  My day! Guy day! Whatever day!  It’s a GOOD day!

I gotta say I feel like its been a pretty good week.  I started off in a rut just trying to catch up with things, and I had 5 meetings get canceled or postponed last week, and that totally put me in a bummer mood, but then this week things have picked up and I got added to three venues preferred vendor lists, so BOOM!, gotta be thankful for that!  HiYA!!!  ;D

I’ve got three good questions for you this week…

Kristine Kreig states, “You are one of the most positive, passionate and kind people I know ColsonGriffith! How do you keep it up, day in and day out? What’s your secret?”

Johnathan Gomes of Asiel Designs asked about photographers watermarking their images when they give them to other wedding vendors… The big question, to watermark, or NOT to watermark your photos???

and finally I’ve got a question from Miss Molly Miller who asks, “How do you get that background blur in your photos?”  and sorry Molly… you cant really do it with a point and shoot camera!  Sorry!  But Ill explain why changing lenses will allow you to get that sexy backgrounds.

Let’s DO it!

  • Mary - July 11, 2014 - 9:01 pm

    Hi Colson~
    Loved your blog responses. Just wanted to say, that because you are not afraid to share your talent, you will have much success in your career! Without a lot of training and the “artistic eye” that you have, no one will be able to replicate what you do anyway! Thanks again for bringing both friendship and art-ism in to Ann and Zach’s big day. You are a special friend with a special gift.
    All the best~
    Mary SpallinoReplyCancel

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