Q&A – Why do photographers use a Fisheye Lens? What is the appeal?

Q&A Friday!  WHOOOP!!!  Im scootin my but up to Seattle for my sister’s 30th birthday this weekend.  I’ve got a weekend off and it coincides with her birthday which just makes me happy as a peach.  (Peaches are SUPER happy).  My mom has a little adventure planned for Saturday and no one has any idea what were doing… I might be dead next week… if no videos… you’ll know I’ve met my demise!

This week I’ve got ONE question and ONE question only!  I did three last week and my video was like 13 minutes long and I’m sure no one sat around to watch all of it.  Going for 3-4 (well maybe 5 minutes here).

Christine Thomas who runs Today’s Bride asks, “Regarding the fisheye lens…while the idea of a wide angle shot is nice, the fisheye warps the content being photographed. So what’s the appeal for photographers? Just curious.”

Lets get to it!

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