Q&A – How to organize your photos for Wedding Photography

Sharing is caring!!!!    So lets just start sharing the crap out of stuff!!!  That Ferrari that you drive over there???  Yah, show me that you care!!!!  ;D

Its in this light that I am going to write more Q&A blog posts… posting on Facebook each Thursday looking for questions, and following up with answers right here on the blog on Friday.

Shelly Waldman… my badass photo friend, and business consultant replied to my Facebook prompt and said, “I’d love to hear about your workflow. What do you use to organize your files? Do you have a CRM or studio management software?”  Ahhhh Shelly!!!!!  haha, this could be an 80 page essay!!!  I started writing this all out and decided, ahhhh screw it… just do a video.  So, below you will find my first video blog!  BOOM!

Let’s get to it!

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