Q&A – How much should a bride expect to pay for wedding photography?

Ohh man, this one could be a doozy!  It’s a good thing I’m sitting in sunny San Francisco right now wearing shorts and sandals because otherwise I could be all shakin in my boots!  This week’s question that came in from Alexis Cuarezma.  Alexis is a total baller photographer who started in weddings and has since moved to sports portraiture.  In fact he just photographed the US Men’s National Team (It’s a soccer team people!) before they went down to Brazil to dominate Ghana in the World Cup.  Check out his photos for Sports Illustrated here!

Because he is a photographer he mentioned getting this question being directed towards him quite often, and thus wanted to hear another photographer’s thoughts:

“How much money should a bride expect to invest for “good” wedding photography on her wedding day and what should she expect in return for that amount invested (e.g. albums, prints, digital files, hrs, etc).”

I could imagine about 40 different analogies to this question, “How much should I pay for a car?”, “How much should I pay for a purse?”, “How much should I pay for a lifetime subscription of Taqueria Cancun burritos?” … wait… Anyone else ask that last one?  Just me?  Damnnit!!!!!!

Well… burritos aside.  Here goes nothin!

  • Barbara Jacqueline - June 30, 2014 - 2:59 pm

    Colson!! I cannot believe I have NEVER seen this!!! I love it!!!!! LOVE IT!!! But then again I just love you! Good job!!!ReplyCancel

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