Q&A How to make Wedding Vendors look like ROCK STARS by crushing your detail shots… and the gear I use for backlit portraits

In this week’s rendition of Q&A with yours truly I answer two questions I received on my Facebook page.  The first is from Duncan Reyes (who is a BALLER planner here in the Bay!!!), and he asks, “How important are detail shots to you? for me, it’s EVERYTHING!   It erks me to see a gorgeous wedding with a lot of money spent on details, and none of that are captured on film. all that time and money spent in event design gone to waste because there is lack of focus on tablescapes, room design, etc”

To that I say, “AMEN Brother!!!”  I’ll jump allllll over that in my screen cast and teach photographers how to photograph wedding day details to make sure we are making you planners look freaking AWESOME!!!

The second comes from Karla Bravo, who asked, “I’d love to know what is your preferred equipment for artificial light you are using in your late evening shots to back-light your couples.”

Boom!  I’m all over that one too!

Karla… the answer is in the video, but the quick and short of it is:

Canon 580EX II (now replaced by the 600EX-RT)

Radio Popper JrX Remote Flash System

Linco Light Stands

Now… lets get into it!

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