Q&A – My Fifteen minute workflow for delivering images to wedding vendors

Its time for another Q&A SESHHHH!!!!!  Grab two slices of bread and some peanut butter because this one is gonna be JAMMED with awesome!!!

Jonathan Gomez asked a question today regarding photographers not delivering images to him after an event or wedding.  Say WHAAAAATTT???  Who would DO that!!!!  Haha, well me, when I started.  But then I knocked that crap off!  Because its good for my health!

First off… lets understand that Jonathan works for one of the Bay Area’s premier event design companies, Asiel Design.  If you’ve not seen their work… click that link  <——  Their stuff is DOPE!!!  And definitely is well deserving of being photographed.

Jonathan asked: “As a designer, why is it so difficult to get images from photographers of events that we have worked together.   I know that photographers are busy but sometimes I can’t even get the same images that photographers had spent time submitting to magazines. If we do 100 events a year I am lucky to get back 20 of them. How is this good networking and partnership?  Thanks!”

Alright… Lets DO this!

Here is a HUGE nugget coming straight from the innards of my business.  This is LITERALLY my entire workflow from beginning to end with a wedding couple.  Seriously… this has taken me three years to create, refine, edit, love, hate, all of it.  Use it as you will ;D

Post Booking:

Add wedding to personal and business calendars
Send Thank You Card
Create Wedding Registry Page
Create Couples Logo in Branding Folder
Send email to schedule Engagement Session
Create expense category in Expensify
Confirm Second Shooter for Wedding Date

Engagement Shoots:
Download and Backup RAWs to Drobo
Cull in PhotoMechanic
Post a Sneak Peek Image
Edit in Lightroom
Choose Favorites with Green Label
Export Full Res Files, Export High Res Files, Export Facebook Photos
Export Instagram and Facebook Cover Photos
Write blog post
Send “You’ve been blogged” email with links
Load Buffer with Posts

Wedding Shoots:
Download Images
Send Post wedding Email
Send Post Wedding Thank you Card
Cull and Upload to Evolve Edits
Order Gift Items!
Post one sneak peek image on Facebook
Write Blog Post from Wedding
Import images from Evolve into LR
Send scheduling Email to couple
In LR Choose Vendor Images from Wedding – Rate with 1 star
In LR Choose Favorites from Wedding – Rate with Green Marker
Keyword Favorites with “Bride””Groom””Favorites”
Keyword Vendor with “Bride””Groom””Vendor”
Rearrange in chronological order in Lightroom
Rename Images in Lightroom, add Sequence
Export Full Resolution Images
Export High Resolution Images
Export Green Labeled Images to Facebook
Export Cover Photos, and Instagram Photos
Upload Facebook images to Dropbox
Upload Full Res to SmugMug album – All Photos
Create SmugMug Favorites Gallery Using Keyword
Create SmugMug Vendors Gallery Using Keyword
Upload Photos to PASS Gallery – Remove Download Setting
Transfer Images to Thumb drive and Pack Gift
Create Wedding Checklist for Joy – SmugMug Vendor Downloads, 7 Images for Buffer that link back to blog post
Create Slideshow using Animoto
Create a wedding album design
Create a preview of prints on a wall… send a template email
Extract Full Res JPG Previews
Transfer RAW files to DROBO
Create SmugMug Download All Links
Have client meeting, give gift
Send “You’ve Been Blogged” Email
Send email to vendors with a link to PASS Gallery AND THE BLOG POST!!!
Pin blog images to Pinterest

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