Q&A – Why I only have 12 photos on my website

Bucket Challenge!  Bucket Challenge!

NOPE.  Sorry peeps, this will NOT be the video of me getting doused my a bucket of freezing ass cold water.  (Thats my next video!).

THIS video might shed a little light on how you might better connect with your ideal client.  I learned all this from a pretty stellar dude, Jeff Jochum.  His coaching business, Team-X, has helped me identify my very favorite couples that I want to work with, and how best to communicate a message that would allow us to totally connect by just using my website.  The best thing… its actually all about being the biggest version of ME!  BOOM… Me doing things I love, for people who love the things I do, because they love those exact same things.  Make sense?  No?  Damnnit.  Go watch the video. ;D

And by all means… if you want to work with the best clients ever and get paid a nice price to do so, click on that link above.  DO IT!

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