Q&A – Cooking for My Couples and how to use a circular polarizer

Hey Yo!!!!  It’s FRIDAY YALL!!!  (that is my attempt to bring some SUHthern to my voice here… I’m not southern, I’ve barely visited the south… so basically I have no idea where that came from).

Im sorry I missed last week!  GAHHH!!!!  Twenty seven whips with a smelly wash towel.  I was actually upgrading my life with a MASSIVE dose of life coaching through the Tony Robbins’ UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN seminar!!!  repeat with me, “UNLEASH!! THE POWER!!! WITHINNN!!!!!!”  See, the key to success is just shouting everything at the top of your lungs!!!  Thats what I learned.  ;D  In all seriousness.  This seminar is transformational.  If you’ve got things on your life list that you want to knock out… I highly recommend getting in on his programs.  The dude is a super human, talking for 15 hours straight, pumping you so full of passion you might just burst.  And… it’s totally awesome sauce.  Check out his Ted Talk for a little intro: Why We do What We Do.

Okay, so Q&A time!  We’ve got two questions!  Shelly Waldman asks, “What is your favorite meal to cook for your clients?”  I think she asks because she wants to come over and get some din din for herself!!!  Which, Shelly, I would TOTALLY be happy to do!

and second,

Michael Pina asks, “Circular Polarizers, Any Experience?”  Uhhhh, hell yeah dude!  Bring it!

Just for reference sake, the Wikipedia site for Circular Polarizers has a bunch of examples of images with and without.  Its a good way to connect the dots of what I talk about in this bad boy.  Polarizing Filter

Here we go!

  • Barbara Jacqueline - August 7, 2014 - 9:44 am

    OMG! How one arty did I miss THIS!!???? I LOVE it!! Love your story of the “meat juice!” Hilarious that the couple could see you!!! I would have loved to been the fly in the room for that one! Hella funny buddy!!! How can every bride in the universe not LOVE YOU!? Congrats I myself am now addicted to the Q&A’s!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Colson Griffith - August 7, 2014 - 10:03 am

      Haha… Thank you Barbara! I laugh thinking about that one as well. Just had a dinner with a couple on Monday and made chicken tikka masala… 15 mins after they arrived he said, “And thats when I decided to be a vegan” $hit!!!!!! haha. I said, “Welp, I cooked chicken… looks like were gonna go digging in the fridge!!!” We ended up cooking together to get something he could eat on the table. Just gotta roll with the punches! 😀ReplyCancel

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