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Welcome to my Q&A homepage!  This page is dedicated to providing you with some MASSIVE nuggets that you can use to help bolster your own business, photography work, or wedding planning.  After being in this business for 4 years now I am tired of educational resources that just tell you to “go create a workflow” or “think about this.”  My goal in each post is to leave you with at least ONE thing that you can do, RIGHT NOW, without question, to help move your photography, business, or wedding planning forward.

All posts come from questions asked on my Facebook page.  You can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/colson.griffith

All of my previous posts can be found here:

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 Q&A #4 : My Fifteen minute workflow for delivering images to wedding vendors

Q&A #5 : Learn How to edit an image in Adobe Lightroom 5

Q&A #6 : What do I like to cook for my couples and how to use a circular polarizer

Q&A #7 : Staying Positive, To Watermark or NOT to watermark your photos, and how do you get that beautiful background blur?

Q&A #8: Why do photographers use a fisheye lens?  What is the appeal?

Q&A #9: A tip for brides… How to negotiate with a wedding vendor

Q&A #10: Why I only have 12 photos on my website

Q&A #11: When should one start making money with their photos? 

Q&A #12: How to walk the line between being fun and encouraging vs assertive and standoffish while photographing wedding

Q&A #13: My biggest mistake when starting my own photography business

Q&A #14: Whats the hardest photo to get at a wedding?

Q&A #15: A wedding planner’s thoughts on timelines and how important they are for photographers

Q&A #16: A quick tip on how to take better photos of a wedding dress

Q&A #17: What Canon Camera should I buy as a gift for Christmas? 

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