Hieu and Justin’s Wedding at The Claremont Hotel and Spa in Berkeley CA

Man!  Hieu and Justin BROUGHT IT!!!!  They kept telling me this was going to be a massive dance party, and I guess I kinda believed them, but when the time actually came, and I took a second mid reception to look over at Hieu, and she was pouncing up and down on top of a char with her hands in the air waiving wildly at my buddy Max who was DJing, it all became clear.  Haha.  At one point Hieu decided the dance floor was too far away from the DJ booth, so she weaved through the tables blocking the way and just started dancing in the epicenter of the EDM bass drop. Her ENTIRE wedding party migrated with her and ditched the dance floor in favor of this new found fist pumping, foot stomping, playground.  It was awesome.

What made this wedding even more awesome was the amount of emotion that these two expressed to each other.  Justin, during their first look, totally had an emotional explosion when he first say Hieu that just can not be replicated.  His eyes teared and he lifted his hand to his face and if I could have put words into his mouth I think he would have been saying, “OMG, You are Perfect.”  You need to see the photos… This is why weddings truly are the best day of one’s life.

A baller ass watch and custom stationary make for great detail pieces!

Of course the rings were stunning… As well as those kicks!

Simple.  Elegant. Perfect for DANCING!

Gotta get the hurrrr did

Now thats a SUIT!

Hieu’s makeup was natural and seemingly effortless.  Nice job ladies! 

Gotta show off that bussel! 

Justin had this blue wedding suit totally custom made, complete with purple stitching.  SO DOPE!

Yup… Like a BOSS!

Just take a deep breath

So happy!

Man… This photo says it all… 

Lets do this guys!

When you are the 4th wedding of 4 in a row, and all the previous couple show up to see you!

Hieu’s smile is totally infectious.  She had this on about 97% of the day!

Lovin that pink tie!  NOICE!

Hieu, youre the BEST

Gold sparkly dresses made the ladies look gorgeous!

Champs + Giggles = The Way A Wedding Should BE!

Grrrrr!!!!  Or is that Arrrggghhhh!!!!

Love Justin’s dad’s smile in this.  Thats a proud papa!

See… Hieu’s smile!!! ;D 

Let’s boogie!

Hieu’s family wins for most professional selfie takers.  ON POINT!

NOWWWWW its official!

Reception lighting really changed the brown tones of the Claremont Hotel’s walls into something vibrant and party like! 

Cake cake cake cake!!!

When the first thing you do is dance… People pick up on the idea

I see you! 

Hieu’s dad told me “I am so nervous” right before his speech.  I’d say he killed it. ;D 


Dodgers what???  Welcome to the Fam! 

Sometimes you gotta sing to your first dance song.  

When your mom and dad are ballroom dancers.  Dancing With The Stars here we come!

Keith.  Good buddy of mine, awesome friend of Hieu and Justin’s.  Officiant.  He did a great job. 

Yes Max.  Bring the BEAT!

Drop it drop it low girl… Drop it drop it low girl.

I feel ya! 

Shots shots shots…. Shots shots shots!!!

Who’s having a great time?  THIS GUY!!!!

And dad too! 

Professional style selfie

When your parents are ballroom dancing… And 2 Pac comes on.

And the dip to finish it off!

Man… Top to bottom, beginning to finish, Hieu and Justin just brought the best energy for the day.  Hieu thank you for the gobs and gobs of smiles that you shared with me, and Justin, thanks to you and the fellas for making the day such and easy going and all out ridiculously fun day.  I am so happy for the two of you and am thankful to be a part of such a wildly awesome day!

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