Ashley and Bill’s Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding in San Francisco!

Get ready for it… After seeing these photos from Ashley and Bill’s wedding, you might just be a happier person.  I’m sorry… If you’re not feeling like you need that today, then don’t bother scrolling down.  The energy is infectious and I would hate to bother you with so much amazingness that you just cant help but smile.  BUT… if you’re down for a little dose of AWESOME… then you’re in the right place!!!

The energy that these two exude is totally unmistakeable.  I can honestly say that every experience I’ve had with these two since we first connected about their engagement session has left me feeling happier.  My cheeks are sore from smiling, my heart is full from laughing, and I am just proud to know such quality people.  Ashley brings a smile to life that could overpower the sun, and Bill’s easy going light heartedness could tame a tiger!!!!

As they told me their story of months and months of flying back and forth to see each other while one was working in one town and another was going to school in another it just made me happy that their lives were finally coming together… Moving in to an apartment in San Francisco, getting married, and finally not just being together, but being CLOSE together.  These were surly reasons to celebrate, and that they did!!!

Yes, we snuck on to the rooftop of the Julia Morgan Ballroom!

Getting ready at the Omni Hotel… Makes for a great spot downtown to prep! 

Hey oh, HEYYYYY!!!!  (so classy with your paper cups!)

Could not be cuter!

Bill you are one dapper dude, you know that?

Lemme show you something!

The first of serval dude photos that are gonna make you laugh…

Who’s stoked…. THIS GUY!  

Bill’s face shows so much anticipation.  Love it. 

And the BIG reveal!!!!

Somewhere in the background are the security guards that kicked us out of this spot.  #whoops!

Just a classic… 

Trolly time!

Champs for the pre-wedding celebration!

Boogie before the wedding?  Yes please!

This photo is so so Ashley and Bill. ;D

Uhhhh, Whatcha doin down there???

Whoot Whoooot!!!!


Ohhhh oh!!!! Liiiivin’ on a prayer!!!!! (I dont know if that is what was actually playing, but I can totally see that coming out of her mouth)

Stunning guys! 

So cute

We be rooolllliinnnn!!!

Bill’s ready!

And so is Ashley.  How gorgeous does she look coming down the aisle with her dad.  Just awesome. 

The Julian Morgan Ballroom makes for a stunning wedding ceremony…

You may kiss the bride!

I gottchu babe! 

Rooftop shot!

Hilary Munday did an INCREDIBLE job of bringing the ballroom to life and my good friend Emily Dreblow of Soul Flower Designs took care of the table tops.  STUNNING!

First dance to kick it off!

No shortage of smiles… 😀 😀 😀

Killin it with the toasts!

Smitten ice cream came out and did the desserts.  Dry Ice and all!

Ice Cream is their favorite dessert, so might as well have ice cream spoons instead of cake knives, right?

I see zero people on the dance floor… zero.  ;D 

Haha… Amazing. 

And a dip to finish the night! 

Ashley and Bill… I couldnt be happier and more thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you guys!  I’m sending you all my best wishes to you up in Portland as you continue your adventures… let’s keep in touch! -Colson

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