Marie and Nick’s Wedding at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, CA

Man… what do you do when you’ve been working with a totally kind… loving… cheerful couple and on wedding day it just starts pouring right as you’re headed to the first look, and you can just see sadness and disappointment in the brides face?  My heart felt for Marie… She’s been planning and planning and planning… She selected this venue, V. Sattui Winery, for the very reason that it has a beautiful outdoor patio, and all of  a sudden her vision just seems to be, literally, getting washed away.  Man, that was a TOUGH moment!!!  I kept thinking, let’s just wait this bad boy out… I didn’t want to say anything to Marie except for, “I’m sorry…”  There’s nothing more to be said.  She was sad you guys!  We all were!  Nick was waiting patiently for his bride to present herself, and we were just going to wing it indoors… and then… AND THEN!  AND THEN THE RAIN SLOWED!!!  What!?!?  Could it be!??!  “Okay, Nick, lets go juuuuuuust outside this awning” I said… we’ll put you guys right there and see what happens… “Marie, come on out”  and then it cleared…. Literally… in the 5 minutes of their first look the rain slowed… thick smudgy clouds turned into light puffy sun kissed cotton balls in the sky and we had ourselves a GORGEOUS day… Man… Mother Nature had us freaked!!!  We ran out to the vineyards and busted out some gorgeousness all while smiling in delight at the turn of the weather.  SO so lucky.  Marie’s planner ran down to the ceremony location and told all of the seated guests… “Everybody up!  We’re moving outside!”  Marie’s face… the sense of relief… could be felt everywhere.  So awesome. ;D

Slightly overcast when we rolled up to the Vineyard Country Inn

All the pretty things!  

Despite the drizzle at this point, Marie was GLOWING…. ;D 

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!?

Meanwhile… Nick busted out a little disc golf in the morning.  Do NOT get in the way of this man an his disc!!!  lol.  He cleaned up nicely I must say! 

Ahh there we go… Just outside the rain

Yep!  Gorgeous!

And OMG look at that!  Rain, what rain!!!!?!?!?? 

We had some fog roll through on the tail end of the weather… Made for a dramatic backdrop for us! 

And there’s Marie… coming down to the perfect wedding she had envisioned. I think everyone was excited to see her smile. ;D 

V. Sattui has a special gorgeousness on this outdoor patio for weddings… 

BOOM!  Married! 

And check out this wine barrel reception room! 

Later ya’lls!  (I don’t even say that in real life… it just came out of my caffeinated typing fingers)

Marie and Nick… You guys are awesome.  It’s been so fun getting to know you… Seeing how you two love spending your weekends in Santa Cruz, getting totally treated to a speical dinner in Palo Alto, and now getting to be a part of your wedding, the second of the LaCourte family.  I feel so lucky guys.  Thank you so much for including me in your awesome, special, heatfelt day.  Im so happy for the two of you.  Cheers!


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