Jen & Kevin’s Russian Hill San Francisco Engagement Session

Every couple days I’ll be lounging HARD in my living room at the end of the day… Maybe I’ll throw on “The Bachelor” as I’m winding down (you know… Cuz I’m totally Team Ben) and through the slightly cracked window I’ll hear this laugh wafting through the air from The Pig and Whistle bar across the street.  It’s a loud laugh… Full… Like the laugh that comes from deep within… Immediately I know it’s Kevin.  I’ll holler down to him from my second story window, “Kevin!  Whadduppp!!!!!”  and then Ill finish with something like, “Dude!  Pipe down with the laughing!  It’s almost the rose ceremony!” haha…. uhhh no, thats a lie.  That last part has never been said.  My man card would officially be dead if I said that.

To say Kevin frequents bar across the street from my house is an understatement… it’s like his second living room.  Grabbing a beer with the fellas is just an evening tradition for him.  When I first connected with Jen and Kevin we decided to grab a beer there because… DUH!!!

Immediately the vibe that I got from Jen and Kevin was totally awesome.  They’ve dated for 10 freaking years!!!!  But many were long distance and now they’ve finally connected in SF.  They both were just full of joy and laughter and wanted their wedding day to be a reflection of just that.  For their engagement photos they wanted to have something that would remind them of when they first moved in together (ahem… FINALLY!).

San Francisco Engagement Session

Cafe Muese is the spot where these two would grab a drink for Happy Hour… Always a good time!  San Francisco Fun Engagement Session

Kevin… wrap her up buddy!San Francisco Portrait Session

Jen… You’ve got such a beautiful nature about you!San Francisco Portrait Session

Not to shabby yourself bud!Fun Engagement Session in San Francisco

Totally love these smiles.
Russian Hill Engagement Session

Just up the street from their Russian Hill home there was a park they loved to go to…Transamerica Tower Engagement Session

Spending time up there is one of their favorite memories… 


And… getting saucy down on Polk St.  Yep… that happened too!

A little romance to end the shoot…

Jen and Kevin… I know Ill be seeing you in the hood, but so stoked that we took time to honor your original hood here in the city… Russian hill will always hold a special place in your hearts and I hope these photos allow you to remember those beginning times here in SF! -Colson

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