Marisa and Al’s Engagement Session at Bloodhound, Chrissy Field and Their Rooftop

You know those kinds of people that when you spend time with them, you can’t help but be happier?  Yeah… Marisa and Al are THOSE people.  Seriously… when I sat down with them for the first time I remember how Al just looked at Marisa with this total sense of adornment.  Like he was showering her with his “I love you smiles”… their commentary to each other was always complimentary and so freaking sweet!  haha.  It really made me think about the type of person I wanted to be in my own relationship (note: do more of that!)… To say they are a good example of a loving couple is to say the least.

Their engagement session was about highlighting some of their favorite memories together here in San Francisco.  The first time Al leaned into Marisa and “made the move” was at the end of a bar in Soma called Bloodhound… I wont comment on how many drinks were had in advance of that move, but I’m guessing it was more than one!  After that we moved to their backyard… and by backyard I mean the freaking gorgeousness that is Crissy Field which lies 25 yards from their front door in the Marina.  Walking around with the Golden Gate Bridge (or the GGB as I like to call it) made every weekend the perfect weekend for these two.  Had to get some shots down there, especially since they had plans to be moving away from that neighborhood…

San Francisco Chrissy Field Engagement photo

Yep… this is their backyard?!?!?Bloodhound SF Engagement Photo

That may or may not have been the exact spot they had their first kiss!Black and White Couple Engagement Photo

Love those gentle smiles ;DBloodhound SF Engagement PhotoBloodhound SF Engagement Photo with Cocktails

Just a little touch sometimes is all you need to say, “I love you.”Bloodhound SF Engagement PhotoChrissy Field Engagement Photo with Golden Gate Bridge

THIS PHOTO…. HOT DAMN!  ;DChrissy Field Engagement Photo with Golden Gate BridgeChrissy Field Engagement Photo with Golden Gate Bridge

So cute… Al you’ve got her all wrapped up!
Chrissy Field Engagement Photo

Love these candid shots… Al you’re a stud dude! Chrissy Field Engagement

So sweet… for me this one is all about Marisa’s smile!San Francisco Rooftop Engagement Photo

They also have a killer deck on top of their home… Rooftop engagement photo

What a gorgeous way to end the night.

Marisa and Al, thank you so much for being awesome… and for sharing your Scotch Collection after the sesh to warm us all up!


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