Mike & Kaleen Proposal Portraits on the Top of the Grand Hyatt San Francisco

“Dude… Can you help me with a project???”

That’s how my buddy Mike started our conversation… “Yeah man, whatever you need!”

“I’m gonna propose to Kaleen on top of her old workplace… The Grand Hyatt in San Francisco… and I want you to be there, to get photos of us right after I do it.”

“Hell freaking YEAH!”

Thats pretty much it… That was the whole conversation.  I mean there is not much more to say except for “Duhhh!!! Im totally there!!!”  There was no question that we had to make this happen.

Mike popped the question on top of the world, and then I popped around a corner after they’d had their minute, and unleashed a totally celebratory photoshoot on top of San Francisco’s best views.

I have to say, this was one of the most rewarding gifts I’ve ever given to another friend.  So thankful that I’ve got good people like Mike and Kaleen in my life, this is just a small token of what you have given me with your friendship.  Cheers guys… I love you both.   ;D


K’s smile totally brings me joy in this photo… 

Jump on it…. Let’s… haha.  You know. 

BOOM!  This was our winner.  Mike and K printed this one out in a 60″ metal print and hung it above their bed in Denver CO.  So gorgeous. 

Thats a wrap… LETS EAT! ;D

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