The Sutton Family!!

The Sutton’s are some of the mostly uniquely kind and fun people and we had a blast their whole photographic experience! Their story started in San Francisco where Celina and Jeff met, after realizing that they went to the same elementary and high schools! Now they live in Richmond, CA and have two adorably animated kids named Walt and Naima. Talking with Celina and Jeff before their shoot, we got to hear about their exciting, fun filled lives in the East Bay.  Celina is bubbly, SO kind, and has the biggest heart for her family and everyone she meets!  Jeff, despite his big burly demeanor, is so affectionate with Walt and Naima as they climb all over him.  During their design consultation, Celina started crying when she saw photos of her and Naima together…. she said, “People aways ask me if she is my daughter because we don’t look alike… But these photos show me how close we are together, how much she is absolutely 100% my daughter.”  That was so awesome to hear.  Photos sometimes offer more than just a smile, or a hug or a kiss…

Their default is laughing together!

The fam bam!

Buddies Fo life!

Sometimes you gotta throw down some East Bay hyphie music and just start Feelin’ Yo-self

So so precious… Cant beat this little moment between mom and daughter.

Walt!!!! Boogie down brother!

Jeff is either in a suit or in basketball shorts (ying and yang anyone?), but even in a suit Walt makes sure he’s having a FUN time

Here is the artwork that will soon grace the Sutton’s home!

Celina, Jeff, Naima, and Walt!  Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us!

Colson & Alex


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