Megan and Zandy’s Wedding at Santa Clara University Mission and the Four Seasons Palo Alto

If there was ever a wedding that was the quintessential representation of what I think a wedding SHOULD be… Megan and Zandy’s wedding TOTALLY knocked it out of the park.  For me, weddings are different than getting married… You can get married by going down to City Hall and filling out the required paperwork and whalla, you’re married!  Congrats!  A wedding on the other hand, is a completely different experience.  The difference is the people.  A wedding is is ALLLLL about the people.  I believe inviting guests to a wedding is all about telling them you love them.  It’s a thank you.  It’s a way to say, “I love you.” It’s a celebration of your relationship, but it’s also an experience that you provide to those people who travel far and wide, that says you’re worth it.  Drinks… they’re on us.  Dancing… Yep, we got that too.  You’re going to leave this wedding feeling awesome because we set out to BLOW YOUR MINDS!!!  When couples understand that they are HOSTING a wedding, I see a completely different experience on the guests side.  Megan and Zandy knew this from the beginning.

Cocktail hour featured drinks on the Four Seasons Palo Alto Lawn and included a family made beruit table which just let everyone know that having a drink or two (or seven) was okay.  Haha, this was the perfect combo of high end and backyard party.  My favorite memory however came right after their grand entrance.  The DJ had planned on opening the dance floor for a quick three song set.  They’ll come in, do their first dance, dance two more songs and then we’ll settle down for dinner, then get going again.  Well…. that didn’t happen.  haha.  Megan and Zandy entered with their fists pumping towards the ceiling and pulled  EVERYONE in the ballroom to the dance floor for those three songs.  That dance floor went from empty, to Coachella in about 7 seconds.  There was not a person in there that was not feeling it.  (keep in mind its 8:00PM).  The DJ… being totally awesome at his job… knew the LAST thing he should do is to bust up this vibe by pulling the plug, so he says, “We’re supposed to stop the music, but… yeah… I’m not going to do that.  Food is served on the sides… help yourselves when you’re hungry”  And then he dropped a MASSIVE beat.  Dancing happened.  Sweat happened.  HARD!!!  haha.  Megan and Zandy were at the center… leading the way.  No one could stop that energy.  So fun.

From the second I showed up… to the second I left the dance floor at 1:00AM everyone was encouraged to have a good time.  Yep, you want to have a sip of champagne?  Okay cool.  Yep… you want to play some jams?  Yep… thats cool.  Everyone was encouraged to celebrate and it made the difference in the energy throughout the day.

Megan titled this one, “The Girl On Fire” shot.  Katniss would totes be jealous. ;D 

You know its going to be a party with all those fireworks!  

Loving the bling! 

Megan was smiling from the second I arrived

The boobies on Megan’s glass I think beat out Renee’s. lol 

Megan that hair piece and detailing in your dress.  Gorgeous!

Zandy… looking sharp dude!  Taking it all in.

I loved this moment.  Gifts for both Mom and Dad before heading off to see Zandy.  

Megan and Zandy worked at the Four Seasons Palo alto and so it was super important to have their wedding there.

Wrap her up!  

Haha… you can see how they all ended up on the dance floor early. ;D 

Like a BOSS!!!!

I loved the variety in the ladies flowers.  So fun!  

Jay walking his daughter down the long aisle at The Santa Clara University Mission.

Put em up!!!!  Congrats!  


Maureen, Megan’s Mom and I even got in on the action.  lol. 

A little tribute to the family. 

And personalized notes to the happy couple!  

Jazzy, loungy, elegant, stunning.  Loved the ambiance this black furniture and white floras created!  

How cool is that floral chandelier?  

First dance…. second dance… third dance… MORE!!!! 

This toast was definitely more of a roast!  

Dance double dutch anyone?!?!?

The fam!

Megan and Zandy you guys totally blew my minds with this one!  I can not think of a thing I would personally do different.  Your energy… your passion for one another, and your guests was so apparent from beginning to end.  Im so thankful to have been a part of it!


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