Chelsea & Al’s Wedding at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA

Chelsea and Al had one thing in mind when it came to their wedding… Hosting a full-on-blow-out-kilt-wearing-scotch-drinking-American-Pie-singing party!!!  haha… No prob, right?  While sitting down for their pre-wedding dinner a month before hand I remember both of them had one request for their photos.  “There’s one photo were going to need you to get…”  Okaaaaayyy…. Whenever I hear this I am both curious… nervous… and excited about what they are going to ask.  “We’re going to need you to get a photo of us mooning the Golden Gate Bridge.”  Ohh NELLY!  DONE and DONE!!!  The only thought that went through my mind was, “Yes and/or DUHH!”  Haha.. that HAS to happen!

In all seriousness this wedding was not just a party (I mean, it WAS, but it was more than that)… It was a full on celebration of their relationship and an opportunity to use that as an excuse to provide an experience for the people who have been so close to them through their story.  Every decision they made had to pass the test of, “Will this make the day more fun for our guests?”  If the answer was no… WHACK… Get outta here!  If the answer was “Yes!” then ohh hello Lovely!  You’ve been added to the show!  haha.  It was a joy working with these two on their wedding day because of that very concept.

This look, The Chelsea Face!, made an appearance about 47 times on their wedding day. 

Chelsea you look stunning my friend 

And the fellas… never looked better in a skirt if I might say so myself.

Arghhhh!!!!!!  Scottish savages!!!!

Chelsea and her dad shared a moment shortly after she was finished getting ready for the day.

Yup… The GGB got it in the FACE!!!

Definitely one of my favorite portraits from the day… Look at Chelsea’s dress… I love that light pink color towards the bottom!

Pretty much blew my mind when this happened.  Thank you for the view Kai!

The Regency Ballroom made for a stellar backdrop to this wedding! 

If thats not a STOKED expression right there, I don’t know what is!  

Ampersand SF Florals killed it with the centerpieces!  

One of the more intimate moments of the wedding came as Chelsea and Al had their first dance.  One of their best friends played guitar and sung their first dance song to them.  So cool.

And then this erupted shortly after. Haha.  DROP A BEAT!!!

Chelsea and Al… THANK YOU a TON for allowing me to be a part of such a big day in your lives.   You two are truly heart felt people wanting nothing but the best for your friends and family.  You fully brought that in the biggest way for your wedding.  You guys ROCK!

– Colson

Venue: The Regency SF (Lodge & Ballroom)

Florist: Ampersand SF

Dress: BHLDN Boutique

Catering: Knights Catering

Event Coordinator: Knights Catering


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