Beth and Kevin’s Wedding at Cavallo Point In Sausalito California

Beth and Kevin had one of the funniest moments of my 2014 wedding season… The ladies were all dolled up… the fellas were looking sharp in their suits with blue accent colors… Beth had snuck up behind Kevin and had a beautiful first look where they spoke sweet words to one another in the privacy of the back patio of Cavallo Point in Sausalito.  All was well.  The plan was to meet up with the rest of the bridal party and have a glass of champagne on the deck… no problem!  Kevin and Beth arrived to the warm welcoming of their friends and proceeded to seek out the bottle of bubbles.  Kevin took charge and offered to open it… as every gentleman should do for his bride.  Standing together… side by side… Kevin slowly loosened the wire that bound the cork safely.  He unstrapped the effervescent drink and slowly pushed on the cork.  Then… without a moments notice… that brown stopper EXPLODED forward with that unmistakable POP!!!!… and a party of bubbly liquid came ERRRRUPTING out of the top of that bottle!  Kevin’s face during this time did three of the most magical things I have ever seen… First, anticipation… a look of concentration and ease as he began this activity.  Then, as the pop sounded and the uncontrolled liquid escaped… PANIC came over him… As he tried to contain the expanding fiasco, he covered the top with his thumb which only intensified the burst.  Champagne was now headed in a crash course trajectory towards Beth’s perfectly primped face.  At this moment Kevin’s facial expression only said one thing…. PANIC!!!!  Haha…  As he saw Beth get showered with champs his expression changed to the third and final expression… FEAR… He had successfully blasted his wife to be with champagne and it was not even 10 minutes after they had set eyes on each other.  Haha.  Now… let me say this was all in good fun.  Beth had about a three second period of surprise and ummm dissapointment??!  Is that the word for it?!?!… but a few dabs later she was a-okay and back in full swing.  But, for those three seconds, Kevin’s face was one of my all time favorites.  It was uninterrupted emotion at its purest.  haha.  Poor guy!

While this moment may have been a highlight on the humorous side… there were others during the day that were totally touching.  I remember Beth standing in front of the audience at  their reception… It was her turn to give thanks, and to give a toast.  After saying her affirmations in english she turned towards Kevin’s parents, and spoke to them in Korean… reciting a similar expression of thanks in their own language.  Kevin’s parents were surprised to hear Beth speaking in their tongue.  They nodded in approval, smiled, applauded with smiles and cheers when she was done.  It is these tributes to their cultural merging that I think were so special during this wedding.  Both families come from different background, but so clearly were in support of their bond together.  It was awesome to see.


Yeah guys!  BOOM!  Congrats!  You did it!!!

Yep!  It fits!  Gorgeous dress Beth!  

I just love her eyes… don’t you?

Dont be fooled by the Pelligrino…

The fellas behaving themselves… 

Kevin’s got that tie thing down… Well done sir!

Cavallo Point makes a statement with that Bridge just in the background.  Such a cool spot… 

Its a bird!  It’s a plane!  Its a…. 

Nope… its a plane… 6 of em to be exact!  The Blue Angels were BLASTING overhead as everyone was getting ready.  

I love the quiet anticipation in this photo, and Beth’s eager smile.  Beautiful.  

That hug… Pretty sure it says, You’re mine, so good to see you.  

Ohhhh… Okay here we go!!!!  How does Champagne erupt backwards!?!??! 


Fear… Panic… Terror…. haha. Thats all I see in his face!!!!  Beth… ARE YOU OKAY?!??!!? 

Yep… she’s fine… And so are all these ladies! 

Ta daaaaa!

Dude’s lookin solid in front of the GGB!

Yeah… I love this one…

Beautiful faces all around!

Even these guys too…

So sweet!

There’s a perfectly quaint little chapel here at Cavallo Point.  A perfect place for a wedding!

Excitement in both their faces!

I think thats it…. Seals the deal! 

So happy… and Kevin looks relieved!  

Look at this tent they brought in!!!!  Gorgeous!

Mom and Dad’s expression after hearing Beth’s words of thanks in Korean



And I got to take them down to the water for a quick evening shot in front of the bridge.

Beth and Kevin… thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!  It was an awesome day and I’m so thankful to have gotten to know the two of you better!


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