OMG! Our new Family Portraits Website is LIVE!

It’s been a HUGE few months here at Colson Griffith Photography!  We have embarked on a few new adventures in 2015 and I am STOKED to finally get to share a little bit of whats been happening behind the scenes!

First up… We are expanding our services to include Family Portraits!  BOOM!


The homepage for our New Family Portraits Website! Click on this photo to check it out!


We are SO EXCITED!!!! Our new website is OFFICIALLY LIVE!!! Today we launched a brand spanking new website that will showcase the addition of our new Portrait Experience service. Whoop! This experience is meant to help discover what you love most about those that are closest to you, and celebrate that by creating Wall Art that allows you to experience those feelings and emotions every time you look at it. We call it, “Bringing Life to your Home.”

So go on… take a look! You’re one of the first to EVER see it!

Just click… right… over…. there! —–>

Wall Art Collections – A new addition to our product line! 

Valencia Wall Art Collection

This Valencia Wall Art Collection comes from our Premier line of products.

Another addition to the business is a whole suite of Wall Art Collections that have been specifically designed to compliment the furniture and decor in your home.  We believe these pieces of art will be the perfect way to display photographs that depict whats so awesome in your life right now!  Too often we settle for a digital world.  Letting the digital file be the end of the road often leaves our photographs lost in a hard drive, seldom to be experienced.  (Insert sad face!)  Our hope is that these new collections will become a way for you to relive and re-experience your most in love moments, every single day.  Pretty awesome, right?

To see the full line up of our Wall Art Collections visit this guy:

Geary Wall Art Collection

This Geary Wall Art collection was named after Geary Blvd here in San Francisco. I’ve lived on Geary every day I’ve lived in this great city. I figured it was an apt name for my favorite collection.

Where would you love to put one of these bad boys in your home!?! ;D

Thanks a billion for checking this out!  We can not wait to discover what’s AWESOME about you and those that you love!



Ohhh and if you are interested in booking a photographic experience with us… Give us a call at 415-361-5550 or fill out our contact page.  We will give you a call right away!

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