Kristine and Kevin’s Engagement Session at the Cable Cars, the Palace of Fine Arts, and Chrissy Field

Kristine and I exchanged a few emails when she first reached out and in one I asked, “Your fiance, Kevin, he was a groomsmen at Kelley and Matt’s wedding, right?”  She said, “Yeah he’s the red headed one!”  To which I replied, “Ohh you mean the one that was MURDERING the dance floor!!?!?”  haha… “YUP.. that’s the one!”  I knew we were going to get a long.

Now… lemme tell you a quick story about their proposal, because, seriously, I think this is the coolest thing ever.  Kevin knew he was going to put a ring on it… He knew he wanted to do it at one of the little barns on his parent’s property up in Napa and also wanted to make sure family was a part of it.  He arranges to have both his family, and her family fly out to Napa with out her knowing.  On the day of the proposal, Kevin gives Kristine a little tour… a little walk about if you will.  He stops in front of this barn… confesses his love for her, drops down on one knee and asks for her hand… She says “Yes!” (duhhh!!!!) and then, a few seconds later…. the barn doors swing open like the gates of heaven, Whoopfffff  the air inside Pharrell’s endorphin pumping song Happy starts being ejected from the speakers inside, and a small mob of family members rush to surround these two in a full-on, hands waiving, booties shaking, dance party in broad daylight.  What an AWESOME way to start your engagement.  Well done, sir.  Well DONE!!!

We started their San Francisco engagement session over by their house near Fisherman’s Wharf….

Those smiles!!!! Commooooooonnnn!!!!  I love it!  

One of the first dates Kevin took Kristine on was near this intersection of Bay Street and Hyde street here in San Francisco.  She walked, in heels, up that big ass hill behind them… thats a TROOPER!!!!

And being that they moved almost next door to where their first date was… the cable cars have since been a part of their everyday life living in that hood.  


And one of their favorite places to go for a walk is the Palace of Fine Arts.  

Sometimes…. When you’re walking around…. and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody comes on… 

You just need to belt out a 6 minute air guitar solo!!!

Ahh yeah… lookin good! 

One of their favorite things to do is to pack a picnic and head down to Chrissy Field.  

A bottle of Baldacci Family vineyards Cabernet always comes in tote!  

And the Golden Gate Bridge sits behind, making for pretty much a perfect evening.  

This one… this is the one you want to get!!!! 

I cant get over these smiles!  ;D

And we thought we would finish it off with something a bit more dramatic… Get her Kevin!

I can not WAIT to join you two for your Napa Wedding!   That barn is gonna need a new floor after we’re done with it!  ;D


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