Megan and Jason’s Country Outdoor Wedding in Kelseyville CA

The first time Megan and Jason and I connected to talk about their wedding it was via SKYPE.  They were in Vegas, Jason was working and Megan was, well.. Vegas-ing!!! YEAH!  Haha… actually let’s get real, I think they were both Vegas-ing!!!  I went to High School with Jason but had not seen him in probably 14 years, so we had some catching up to do!  There I am, looking at Jason, and his gorgeous fiance… I know he lives in downtown Seattle, was in a frat up at UW… so I’m thinking city wedding… urban… and all modern.  Then something comes out of his mouth that totally surprises me, “I am SO excited to do a country wedding with her!  Horses, fields, mason jars, I love it up there!”  Haha, I was like whaaaaaat?!?!  City dude found some country!  Of course, as I learned more about Megan it became more and more clear.  Megan grew up on a farm… like FULL ON farm.  Goats, horses (by the dozen) vineyards, chickens, dogs, dogs, and more dogs… the whole deal!  She even went on to become a state rodeo champion!   Those are some LEGIT country roots right thurrr… and as Jason got to know her and her family more and more he just fell in love with that whole side of life.

Let me just say that the concept of a “country wedding” almost terrifies me… In my head, country weddings are weddings where some bride pours herself into a pinterest board for 937 hours eating nothing but bon bons and guzzling coffee to get through all her planning. If we’re lucky, she’s a chain smoker with a bad attitude.  When I ask, “Why did you want a country wedding?” She says, “I saw it on Style Me Pretty!!!”  OHH MY GODDDDD  That ‘s worse than aliens landing in my bedroom doing unthinkable things to me.  Ugh,…. “You mean you’ve never actually beeeeeen to the country?”  “You’ve never drank from a mason jar, but you want 87,000 of them stacked up in every corner of your wedding?”   Common!!!  Let’s keep it real people!  Let’s make your wedding about YOU!!! And YOUR story!  Not some SMP blog post.  Sheesh.  Anyways… I digress!!!!

SO, I hear country wedding and that twinge goes off in my head… That slight fear beyond alien torture pain…  but you know what… this wedding was SO freaking cool.  Every inch of this wedding was littered with Megan’s childhood.  The hay bails we sat them down in to take a few photographs?  The same hay they feed their horses!  The field where they had their ceremony?  Their neighbors cleared a piece of their property!   We rode a horse drawn buggy through the trail where they got engaged.  Megan ACTUALLY grew up drinking out of a Mason Jar!  OMG!!!  You’re a REAL country bride!!!  Megan I want to SQUEEZE YOU!  And the best thing to see, was how Jason embraced every, single, itty little bit of it.  Seriously… he was SO excited.

Me thinks that lady in the photo is watching!

Country bride… could kill it in the city ;D 

UW football on the tubes… Who needs to get ready? 

After their first look we took 37 steps over to these bails of hay in Megan’s backyard.  

The Brick Tavern is a real place in Kelseyville, CA.  It’s the only bar in town, and we TOOK it by STORM! 

Sparkles for DAAAAAYSSSSSS!!!!!

Thats a solid lookin’ crew!  


Let’s get some action going!  Spin her!  

Just some Kelseyville decorating… ;D

This field is right behind Megan’s childhood home.  They cleared it just for the wedding!  

This wasn’t even a big deal to have horses… In this hood it’s like… Why wouldn’t you have horses?  

Megan making her entrance… Rollin in the buggy!  

Now those are two of the happiest faces I’ve seen!

No need to keep those fingers crossed!  She already said, “YES!”

And its OFFICIAL!  

Saddle up guys!  

If you insist… Ill have one with you!  Congrats! 

These two made portraits so rough… Haha.  RIIIIIIIIGHT ;D

Stunning guys!  

All set up! 

Megan’s other neighbors built a brand new barn to host weddings and special events… Its totally legit!  

Jason’s brother Mike had everyone rolling at the end of his toast.  We we’re scared for a minute though!  

These three were no fun.  No fun at all!!!  J/K

Jason… There’s no question who started this one!  Haha

Thank you both for bringing me along on this absolutely stellar country wedding.  I’ve never had more fun almost getting tossed off a rolling horse and carriage in my life!  I wish you all the best and hope there are many many mason jars in your future!


  • Valerie Vigesaa - October 17, 2014 - 8:15 pm

    So Wonderful!!! I so loved the ‘Country wedding’ Everyone looked soooo happy!
    Thank you for sharing.
    The LOVE was so obvious in every photo.

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