Chrissy Field and Alamo Square Park Engagement Session with Tara and Ryan

Angry WINDS!!!!

Holy moly!!!  I dont think I’ve shot an engagement session that was as fierce as this one.  I walked out of my house and looked up at the sky… totally gloomy above my head, but a bit of blue sky as I looked East towards downtown.  “Okay… Let’s go for it!”  I thought in my head.  I swooped Tara and Ryan up from their pad on Polk Street and (after having a beer, because… BEER!) we rolled down to Chrissy Field.  Chrissy Field is without a doubt one of San Francisco’s most popular spots for any outdoor enthusiast, but on a windy day, it can be a bit…. uhhh.  Angry?  haha.  After parking my car we walked out into the blustering beast that was SF’s coastline and started our adventure.

Nice thing about a stormy day is those clouds!!!  SO MUCH DRAMA!!!  America Loves Drama!!!  haha

There were NO problems with Ryan getting his hands on Tara.  

Clearly they don’t like to have fun together…. Nope.  None at all!!!! lol. 

Strategic placement of Tara’s hands…. Just saying.  


Wrap her up!

There were not too many images where I couldn’t get a smile out of these two… Just comes naturally!  

Well… Haha.  I remember Tara telling me one of the things she loved most about Ryan was his sense of playfullness.  

Case and point… ;D

Annnnd we even got into some champagne explosions!!!!!  WHAAAAAAA!!!!  

Haha… I love those faces!!!

The painted ladies are one of those places in SF where these two came after moving here… A gorgeous backdrop with some very special memories for these two.

Tara and Ryan… Thanks for making a blustery day such an easy shoot!  Ill always remember you two saying, “This is San Francisco, we just gotta roll with it!”  Amen guys!  Cant wait to rip it with you both on your wedding day!



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