Wedding Dress Shoot at Diablo Ranch: Antonio Gual for Tulle New York and Kinsley James Couture Bridal

Whats better than posting a blog about a wedding that features a gorgeous bride?

Posting a blog about 5 gorgeous brides and 8 wedding dresses!   And by brides, I mean gorgeous ladies that were okay with wearing white on a Tuesday.

I reached out to Kinsley James Couture Bridal out in Walnut Creek a few weeks back and asked if anyone had done a shoot for them… as in… let’s get a bunch of ladies, a few glasses of champagne, aaaaa BUNCH o dresses… and just GO for it!  They loved the idea and so that’s pretty much the gist of it.  We timed this shoot such that it paired perfectly with a visit by New York dress designer Tulle New York.  All of these stunning dresses are straight from Tulle, and can be picked up over at Kinsley James.

Of course no shoot goes off without a great team.  Much love to the following people who made it all come together!

Kinsley James Bridal Couture – Dress shop in Walnut Creek!

Tulle New York – Dress Designer

Diablo Ranch – Venue

Hit Maker Films – Videographer

Taylor Cercone – Hair

Adele Nader – Makeup

Angels Petals  – Flowers

And of course we gotta give a shout out to our five stunning ladies who put on a pretty face for the entire day, and even shook their booties every time I asked.  Kristie Liddie  Caitlyn Mcculloch  Taylor Leigh Missy Olivares and Rebecca you all made this shoot a breeze!

Now… with the thank yous taken care of… Let’s get to the eye candy!


Kristie… man you’ve got those cat eyes!!! RAWR!!!! 

Taylor’s bringing that elegant look with that shoulder necklace.  Stunning!  

Missy is the girl every guy wishes lived next door to him growing up.  She rips it on the weekends as a pro wake surfer and then turns around and nails it with the modeling.  Sheesh! 

Rebecca brought it with that red hair!  Ohh and that dress with the mermaid bottom.  GORG!  

A parasol with a wedding dress always goes well. 

Caitlyn was our flower child for the day… Angel’s Petals did her up with this flower crown that hung from her hair!  

Missy…. killin me with those eyes girl! 

Caitlyn may or may not have been dizzy after this one… 

Kristie made nice with this guy…. Though without the carrots I dont think he really wanted to have anything to do with the camera!

Ahhh!!!  I love that headband… She’s got Bohemian Bride written all over her! 

So BoHo right now!  

Taylor got some facetime with the four legged friend.  Diablo Ranch is a crazy wedding venue! 

Love the back on Kristie’s dress in the middle!  Ahhh!  Also loving the shoulders for Caitlyn’s on the right. 

Ohh let’s get them all in there! 

One of my faves from the day.  These big oak trees would be gorgeous for a country wedding!

And of course when there’s a swing….

Ya gotta use it!!!

Missy just nails it with the posing…. Look at the layers in that dress!  POOF! 

Yup… That’ll do. ;D 

We snuck a little shot of this dress which showed a few secret tattoos on Kristie’s side. HERROOOOWWWW!


If you can’t pose yourself, you can’t expect others to do it for you!  Haha.  Katie from Kinsley and Joy from Tulle, I cant thank you both enough for all your hard work in organizing this shoot!  You two are truly a dream to work with.  Cant wait for round two!  (Cuz you KNOW there is gonna be a round 2, right?) ;D

If you’ve got a favorite dress or have questions about any of these, please leave a comment below and Ill get back to you with the details!

Thanks for checkin’ this out ya’ll… NOW…. I’m gonna go find a burrito!!!


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