Krista and Ryan’s Engagement Session at The Ferry Building, Bluxome Winery, and the Embarcadero in San Francisco, CA

“Should we shake it first, and then blast it?  Or should we pop it and then spray it?”

I now know how to answer that question regarding the popping of a champagne bottle and the subsequent results of how a bubble fueled liquid might exit said bottle.  In this particular case, we decided to shake it (Like a Polaroid pictuaaaaa!!!) and then BLAST it, because, well, I’ve never done it before, and I had no idea how it would go.  Turns out, that is a REALLY good way to empty an entire bottle of champagne in about 3 seconds.  That cork ROCKETED off of the bottle and as Ryan tried to use his thumb to direct the spray champagne just in front of him and Krista, but in all reality it was just CHAOS!  I got about 4 shots in rapid fire style before it was all over… We were all laughing hysterically and had no idea if we even got the shot or not.

Krista and Ryan have a great story.  It is, like, SO San Francisco.  They literally met, at one of the most infamous late-night-let’s-drink-till-we-cant-feel-feelings-and-then-see-if-there-is-someone-to-make-some-bad-decisions-with bar.  Whats that Bar I speak of?  Hi-Fi!  Ever been?  Yahhh you have.  Dont lie… You’ve danced your ass off, probably starting about 1:12AM till you were sweaty and gross, while walking around staring the opposite sex in the eyes while seemingly asking, You?  Are you down?  No?  How about you?  You?  Are you down?… No?  haha.  Ohh wait… is that just me?  Damnit.  Ahh to be young again.

So Ryan approached Krista while she was campaigning to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society… Being that this place was Hi-Fi afterall she just chalked it up to another San Francisco Marina experience.  He was just trying to be a nice guy and say hi!!!!  (Sheesh, see the roll we get as dudes out in the scene).  Well… He didn’t give up and a few weeks later they reconnected, that time making sure he let her know he was for real.

As they started dating they made trips down to the ferry building where they would never miss a bite of this RIDICULOUSLY good Recchiuti Fleur De Sal chocolate.  

Their FSC little caramel thingy is sooooo BAD, it’s GOOD!!!  Like, these might be my new religion.  

And they never missed an opportunity to hit up Hog Island Oyster Company…. Here Kirsta shows me how she sent Ryan a simple… 8 carrat diamond ring as “inspiration” for the one he wanted to make her.  “It’s juuuuust a lil guy!”  Riiiiight!  

Judging from that smile, I’d say she’s pretty happy. ;D

Some rose and a grilled cheese never hurt a date!

And if you’re at Hog Island you gotta get some Oysters! 

The Ferry building is such a great place for a stroll!  

Yep… these two didnt exactly make this session hard for me.  Sheesh, look at em!  Stunning! 

Get him Krista! 

Lookin’ good you two! 

We found a little cubby on the way to a winery by their house…

Bluxome Street Winery is about 367 feet from their front door… These two regularly drop in for Tempernillo Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays…. you get the idea. ;D 

Marlowe is just around the corner from their house as well so we dropped in for a few photos in front of their quote wall… 

And then we got a lil’ fancy!  

Ryan that suit looks dope dude!  And Krista… that dress couldn’t be more flattering!  Love it! 

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Hahahah…. so rad!

Every good session needs a selfie to finish.  ;D

I gotta give it to you… that champagne shot might be my new favorite.  Thanks for being down to give it a go and just let that thang RIP!

I’m sure Ill see you guys around town here, but I’m looking forward to the wedding up in Napa next Summer!  It’ll be here in no time!


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