Jen and Jeff’s Wedding at The Brazilian Room in Berkeley California

Why is it that most of my blog posts lately have been stories about me messing things up???  I accidentally doused a bride in Champagne in the last one… and well… here’s another for ya…

I like to cook dinner for my couples… Have them over, cook their favorite meal, drink a bottle of wine… maybe two…. maaaaaybe three?  But it’s all about getting to know my clients, in hopes that I can serve them better on wedding day.  That friendship that I build just makes the photographic part of the day so much more personal.  ANYWAYS….

So, Jeff and Jen!!!  “Whats your favorite food?” I asked…. “We love making Indian food at home!” Jeff replied… So there ya have it… MAKE INDIAN FOOD!!!!!  (That’s all my brain heard).

A few weeks later, and after a reschedule, I knew my mission.  To make the most gosh, dang delicious indian food I’ve ever made!!!!! (I’ve never made it before, so I really couldn’t loose!).   I run out to the store, pick up my goods.  Curry powder, naan bread, saffron and basmati rice, chicken for Chicken Tikka Masala… I’m going all out!   I spend half the day cooking, and by the time the dinner is set… I am one proud puppy.  I just wanted to run over to my owner and show off the spread that I had created.  The aroma of warm spices lofting through the apartment were sure to be a welcoming hug when these two showed up.

When Jen and Jeff arrived, we sat down and eased into a glass of wine.  Jeff was telling me a story and not 5 minutes after being there he said, (and here’s the BOMB!!!)

“And that’s when I decided to be a Vegan.”

Sccccurrrrrrrre-UPPPP!!!!!… (the record stops!) WHAT?  VEGAN?  SHIT!!!!  Wait… you’re vegan?  Yep… Jeff totally told me he was vegan when we discussed his meal weeks prior.  My brain totally farted that out of my head and now I had half a day of cooking that was TOOOOTALLY not edible.  CRAP!  haha.  I looked at him and said, “Dude, my bad… you totally said that and I messed up, BUT were gonna make it right!”  I stood up, invited the two of them into the kitchen and started scouring the fridge like a hungry bear forging for food in Yosemite.  Spinach, FOR. THE. WIIIIIN!!!!!!!  Jeff, Jen, and I then proceeded to make Saag together ensuring Jeff would walk out both full, AND buzzed, not just buzzed.  FEW!  Relief!

I think the reason I tell these stories is because they dont matter.  Really.  They simply dont matter.  In the bigness of life.  The grand adventure we are on, these stories make me human… they make for good stories… they make better connections between people.  I believe the same goes for wedding day.  When something goes off that was not according to plan, something goes a bit zany, crazy, or even ridiculously out of line, those are the things that you will remember years to come, and those moments are perfect in their imperfection.  It’s the spontaneity and ability to roll with the punches that matters.  Just take it all in, and make the best of it!!!  Laugh and have another drink.  That in this case, is exactly what we all did.  ;D

Jeff and Jen had their wedding over at the Brazillian Room in Berkeley California.  Their afternoon ceremony was just a totally chill, laid back, luncheon, and then these two invited all their friends over to their house for the boozy after party.  A perfectly low key wedding for a perfectly low key (and VEGAN!) couple. ;D

I noticed Jen does not smile with her teeth too much, so I made it my mission to get them out there! 

They had a TON of succulents in their backyard here in San Francisco.  Loved that for a backdrop for these detail shots. 

Jeff!  You look good in pink dude!  (Even though I hear your color blind ;D)

Look at that smile.  Love that Jen!

Just being cute together.  No first look, no grand surprises, just spending the biggest day of their lives together…. All day.

Looking good you two!  

At this point, Jen was bumping Gangsters Paradise by Coolio.  I knew it was going to be a good day! 

Ceremony location at the Brazilian Room! 

Jen’s dad provided commentary as he handed her over to Jen.  Everyone was rolling!  


Are we ready????  LETS DO THIS!!!!  MUAH! 



Get in there Jeff!  

Yes, Jen and Jeff have a consume closet in their house.  Somehow that got broken into!  I’m just mad I didnt get a penguin outfit!!!

Jen and Jeff!  Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  You two have such a lovely nature together.  Caring, thoughtful… and really really happy together.  Thats how I would describe you two.  ;D

Let’s meet up in Dolores park and bust out a bottle of bourbon!  I know you’re not in short supply after that party!  Ha!



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