Ann and Zach’s Wedding at Sogno Del Fiore in Santa Ynez, CA

“Ann just kept getting pooped on, and that’s how I knew something big was going to happen!”

That sentence right there is how Ann’s sister and maid of honor, Jackie, described the events leading up Ann and Zach’s engagement.  During Jackie’s toast, she described how Ann was always the lucky one to get dive bombed by some seemingly innocent feathered friend flying over head.  Ann would be minding herself, jaunting about New York, dodging cabs, and looking for the newest restaurant to try out (thats what New Yorkers do, right?) and the all of a sudden, BOMBS AWAYYYY!!!!  SPLAT.  Right on Ann’s head.  As I listened to this wedding speech I could not help but bust up laughing behind the camera.  The thought of Ann, one of the most gentle, sweet, kind hearted people I have ever met, being terrorized in this fashion just seemed so wrong!  But, alas, birds dont give a $hit. (well.. yes they donate plenty of $hits, but… ehh… I digress!)

Ann would always call Jackie tell her of these liquid assaults.  Jackie’s thoughts: Getting pooped on by a bird is absolutely, positively, good luck.  DUHHH!!! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!!  So after the third time Ann got creamed, Jackie had a feeling something big was going to happen.  Not two days later, Zach bent down on one knee, looked at Ann and asked the big question: “Will you marry me!?!?”  BIRD CRAP FOR THE WIN!!!!!  hahaha.  Jackie, nailed it!!!

Ann and Zach hosted a gorgeous wedding down at Sogno Del Fiore, a private vineyard in Santa Ynez and with the help of some amazing vendors hosted a gorgeous outdoor wedding with food for days, and dancing that would wear the energizer bunny out.  I had the chance to photograph Ann and Zach’s engagement session earlier this year in New York where it reached a high of 13 degrees, so getting these two in the California sun was a welcome change!

After arriving we did a quick lap around the vineyard and found these olive trees!

Zach… dont forget this date! ;D

This shot is for the ladies that read this blog… every woman loves a good pair of shoes!  

Flower girl getting ready!

Ann… that dress was perfectly stunning on you!  

Finishing touches! 

Zach… I’m digging those scorpion cuff links! 

Super feeling the navy suits… Zach had his custom made by a tailor in New York.  BOOYA!  

Meghan, who photographed this image, said Zach was not 100% into dude hugs.  He looks like he’s liking it!

Gotta get dem socks out there! 

Dad helping Ann prep to walk down the aisle.  Love this shot.


Whoop Whoop!  Congrats you two! 

I had no idea we were going to pull over in this little town… 

Thankfully we did!!! Super cute!  

Lookin sharp fellas!

Love the pink bridesmaids dresses

Beautiful decor by wedding planner Davia Lee,

Tables are from Classic Party Rentals and the linens came from La Tavola

Ohh heyyyyyyy!


One of my faves! 

Gorgeous you two! 

Ohh yes, this is where Jackie killed it with her bird bombing speech. ;D 

A quick stop in the vineyard for a few wedding portraits at sunset!  

And then we BOOGIE!!  See… Mom’s out there with her hands up!  

Ahhh yes, and then the cigars come out!

And one final image to finish the night.

Ann and Zach, it was SUCH a pleasure working with you two!  I wish you all the best over there in New York and you best be waiting for a phone call when I get my buns over there.  We’re brunching it up!!!!


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