Palm Event Center Wedding with Genny and Dave

Man! Oh man! Oh MAN!  If there was ever a wedding that I felt like I was photographing family… this one would have been it.

Since day one, these two have made me feel like I was as much a part of their wedding day as any of their invited guests… I think it’s partly because we get along so well, but it’s also just a part of who they are.  Both have great friends and stellar families.  Dave rolls with a crew of dude’s dudes who’ve known each other since they were in diapers, and Genny comes from a family that would prepare an entire bang out dinner in about a second if they found out someone was coming over.  (I know this personally… Genny’s mom invited me over after their engagement session!)

Being welcomed in that sort of a way just make me want to BUST MY ASS to knock out a great time for these two.  Not only am I working because they hired me, I want to do everything I can because I care for these two.

I was nervous after finishing editing these photos… I was trying to connect with the two of them to sit down and have a big reveal moment.  I never heard back… Emailed twice… YOUR PHOTOS ARE READY!!!!  Nothing back… so I finally just sent em over.  ” Here you go guys… I dont want to keep your photos hostage!”  Nothing back… Uhhh, that seems odd.  Finally last week Dave sent me a note and said, “Dude, I’m so sorry… work has been crazy for both of us and our new home just got FLOODED and we’re living at a friends place.”  WHAT!!!  Uhh yea guys, that totally sucks!  Who knew you should have registered for a Sham-WOW!!!  I’m so sorry!  If anyone know’s a good plumber, these two are probably in need!

I’ve got a couple of shout outs…

Dave, owns a Limo company called Urban Limos and I’ve had several couples use his company for their own weddings and he totally knocks it out of the park with the customer service.  A family business, run by good peeps.  Thats all I can say.  ;D

Also… these two hired Jill Hartnett of A Savvy Event to help plan and coordinate the wedding.  The second I arrived Jill was running around busting her buns making sure that Genny was happy, the bridesmaids were happy, that I was happy.  She literally was running around all day just taking care of every aspect of the day… details, logistics, vendors, on and on.  It just made the day so freaking AWESOME.   If you’re looking for a planner… hit this girl up.  I was totally impressed. ;D

Aweeee YEAH!!! There’s the stunning couple! 

All the pretty details and some Badgley Mischka’s to go with! 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. ;D

the DUDESSS!!!!!

Doesn’t he look good with a little pop of pink?  It’s really your color bud!  

I loved this part of Genny getting ready.  Gorgeous! 

Yep, yep, just stunning Genny!

First look!

Safe to say he likes it! 

You lookin at me?  


So purrrrrrdy.  Loved these pink bridesmaid’s dresses! 

Here she comes! 


Genny and Jill put together a gorgeous spread!

Decorations at the Palm Event Center.

Awe YEAH!!!  Let’s DO THIS! 

That’s a happy dude.  Love it. 

Genny, you look pretty happy too! ;D

Dad killing it with his speech!  

Dave telling police jokes.  Had the room ROLLING!  

Emily Rose bringing the softer side of a speech. 

And Dave… getting roasted.  

Hey Dave… where’s that left hand?  SQUEEZE! 


The horah!!!!

Such a fun way to get the whole wedding going!  Genny may or may not have been scared out of her mind, but she survived!

Genny and Dave… you two have opened my heart.  Seriously.  I’m so happy for your marriage, and thankful that you brought me on board.  If I could do 20 of your weddings every year my mind would explode with happiness.  Cheers to you both!


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