Dawna and Chad’s Wedding at the Cliff House in San Francisco CA

This girl can RIP some G&R!!! What’s G&R you ask?  Well… to be honest, I didn’t even know before this wedding.

Dawna and Chad came all the way from Wyoming to be married along the coast with just a very select few of their best friends.  Having come from the middle of the country I got a sense that both Dawna, Chad, and all 30 of their guests were in awe at the views from atop The Cliff House on San Francisco’s western edge.  Yes, San Francisco is freaking gorgeous!

After wrapping up a lunch at The Cliff House Dawna had arranged for a limo to pick us up.  The idea was just to roll around San Francisco’s hot spots and drink champagne, bump some music and take a few photos along the way.  As soon as the limo rolled up, Dawna had found the Limo’s BUMPING sound system and just started BLASTING tunes.  I literally think my butt cheeks were shaking from the bass that was reverberating through my slacks.  One look over at Dawna and she was – a – FLOWIN!!!  Full on lyric dropping, song singing, hip hop rapping, rock and roll shouting, to each and every song.  Guns and Roses Paradise City came on and this girl, literally, busted out EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. NO. FREAKING. PROBLEM!!!!  I was impressed.  Like totally in awe.  I look at her with my jaw dropped, and give her a look like, “What in theeeeee?” and she just looks back and says, “I LOVE G&R!!!”  haha… Guns and Roses.  (See all this time I had been on such a formal name basis with them, she on the other hand is all short hand with them.  NBD!!!!)

Below you’ll find images from their super intimate ceremony followed by a little photo extravaganza around the city.  Friends, Champagne, a Limo, and a photographer.  Not a bad Thursday! ;D

Dawna wanted photos on the beach… this beach… this. exact. beach!!! Ocean beach is where Dawna saw the ocean for the first time.  #Awesome

Getting ready!  

I love when Mom helps with the details

I met Chad there at the Cliff House and snagged him for a few portraits.  Loving the vest, sans jacket! 

Catching The Cliff House on a day like this is always a blessing!  

Check out that smile! 

A simple wedding… thats all you need! 

These two had tears streaming from the second she walked down the aisle…

So lucky to have this day!

A few friends… a few drinks… a few photos! 

Dudes will be dudes! 

Looking good you two!  

Next stop was the bridge… about 30 seconds prior to this shot a few dolphins popped up to say hello!  (and no… I didnt get a good shot.  BOO)

And finally we limoed (is that a word) our way over to Pier 7 to finish up the day!

Many thanks to the two of you for having me join you for wedding day!  Next time I am entering a karaoke contest Dawna, Ill be sure to hit you up for some lessons!


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