City Hall Wedding and Reception at the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco – Jessica and Stephen

“Mamm, I want your boobs on his back!”

At every wedding something comes flying out of my mouth that I have literally never said in my life.  It’s usually in front of about 60 people which is a prime opportunity for me to just make a huge ass of myself.  In this case, that’s exactly what happened!!!  Jessica and Stephen wanted a big group photo of all their wedding guests RIGHT after the ceremony wrapped, so I had the pleasure of getting people all set up, squared away, arms on hips, butts back, gimme your best smile, BOOM!  Group shot!  Buuuut we had a little issue… I had three, maybe four  ladies on the end that just were not close enough… It was like an island of groupies, and then four rebels hanging out in an open sea without a cause.   When I do group shots I want bodies touching!  Get some skin on skin people!  I’ve got to get them a little closer  I’m thinking… So there I was… waiving my arms… pushing the air like a crazy person shoving it aside to let them know that I wanted them to move over a bit.  “Closer, closer! No, I want you two touching… Yes, CLOSER!” and finally I just said it, “Mamm, I want your BOOBS on his BACK!”  Ohhh $hit!!!  Did that just come out of my mouth?  My brain went splinter cell for a second and as I came back from my terrified mind explosion, the sound of everyone laughing seeped into my ears.  Okay… ffffewww!… maybe were okay!  You know what?  She popped right into place and we got a gorgeous group shot.  BOOM!  Whatever it takes, baby!  Haha.  Just be warned if you’re that person on the end, we might start talking dirty!

Jessica and Stephen had  an intimate wedding over at San Francisco’s city hall followed by a reception at the Fairmont Hotel.  The Fairmont hotel is a special place for these two as they would always pop in and have a drink or wander around taking it all in.  Stephen actually proposed to Jessica on the Garden Rooftop in the back of the hotel right next to where they had their reception.  To say that place has meaning for them is an understatement!

Love this photo of you two!

Jessica’s lil’ pup Ziggy made an appearance.  He had the Fairmont suite all to himself for most of the day!  Not a bad life!  

Lil shiny things. ***BLING!***

Did someone say Valentino?  Yes… these shoes SCREAM Valentino!

I absolutely LOVED Jessica’s dress!  Sweet, simple, and perfectly fashionable.  ALSO Valentino.  Are we seeing a theme here?  

Stephen rocking the brown three piece with a little touch of color.  Well done my friend!  

A beautiful portrait Jessica!

Stephen was actually close by while Jess was getting ready… as in… he was in the family room of the suite while Jess was in the bathroom.  Conveniently the Fairmont Hotel balcony connected the two and made for a perfect place for their first look!  

Walking down the aisle! 

San Francisco City Hall is just stunning for an intimate wedding!

The kiss!  MUAH!  

Its official you two!

Annnnn this would be the photo where I told one of these ladies to put her boobs on his back.  Any guesses who?  Haha. 

They dont think much of sitting on the 4th floor balcony at City Hall, buuuuuut if you’re fast enough… ;D 

Saucy!!!  I LIKE it!!!

Quick little pit stop to check in on Ziggy.  He’s chillin. ;D

So many fun little corners to shoot in at the Fairmont. 

Well… I guess Ziggy DID make an appearance downstairs at the reception!

Haha… there was a little typo on the menus!  Apparently Jessica’s mom Amy married Stephen…. but all in good fun.  They had a laugh about it!  


We did a quick lap around the Fairmont Rooftop Garden where Stephen actually put a ring on it a few months earlier.  So cool to have both parts of their wedding story take place in the very same location!

Jessica, Stephen, THANK YOU!!!  I so appreciate the opportunity to share your intimate wedding here in San Francisco with you.  I wish you two all the best for years to come!

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