Cindy and Patricks Wedding at San Carlos Cathedral and Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Carmel CA

So you just grab its little wiener and RRRRRIIIIP!!!!???  Haha….  whaaaaaaat???

One of my favorite things about my business is cooking for couples here at my house before their wedding.  As I was planning a dinner for Cindy and Patrick, I thought… Let’s do something out of the norm, something memorable.  Forget the fancy plates and plated dishes.  Let’s get DIRRRRTY!!!!  I popped over to Clement street to a fish market that I had read online about.  I bought three live crabs and put them in a cooler where they would wait for their demise! I wanted to get PRIMAL with these things on the dinner table!  Hands, fingers, hammer things… butter and guts flying through the air.  YEAH!!!  Patrick walked in and saw the crabs and was like, “Ohh Crab!  We LOVE crab!  My family has done crab feeds for YEARS!”   (Thank GOD because I literally had no idea how to clean a crab… I was just going to read something online and go for it!)  Patrick gave a quick demo on how it all goes down and then Cindy just dove in… ripping the gonads of this innocent sea critter as we cleaned them up (and that’s where that RIIIIIP came in!)  It was seriously one of my favorite meals here at the house.

Over the last year of working with Cindy and Patrick, I’ve never had a conversation which went,  “Mehhh… thats kinda cool.”  Literally EVERYTHING we have discussed has turned towards something that just totally seems to be their JAM!!!  See?  Crab dinner?  Cheeeeeeck!!!!… they’re FREAKING. ALL. OVER. IT!!!  ;D   Everything in their life is all about yes.  YES! let’s go travel the world.  YES!  Let’s shred ridiculous amounts of pow in Tahoe and Alaska and anywhere else that its dumping.  YES!  Let’s run a marathon or a triathlon, or an IRON-FREAKING-MAN!!! (ahem, Cindy!).  It’s really inspiring to spend time with these two because they share so much enthusiasm for life.  It makes me want to get off of my keester and shake it!

I gotta say, their wedding deeeffffffinnnnetly presented some challenges for me.  The wind was A BLOWIN… (30 miles an hour) and getting portraits was like a mad dash into the wild beast!  These two got married down in Carmel, CA which might be one of the most gorgeous places on the planet.  Patrick has a thing for Mission Style churches so the San Carlos Cathedral in Monterey made for a perfect venue, while the Monterey Peninsula Country Club made for an impressive backdrop to their wedding.  After getting hitched we jumped in a party bus to cruise over to the coastline on the 17 mile drive for a few photos of the bridal party where we were greeted by the great tornado.  Cindy was almost turned into a Mary Poppins like flying bride when one guest threatened to turn her dress into a kite!  No exactly ideal for portraits, but we totally made the best of it and went for it anyways!  Their reception at MPCC was decked out to the 9s and Fionna Floral brought an incredible display of florals for the tables.  Seriously… The flowers were GORGEOUS!   And then the Cheeseballers… The CHEESEBALLLERRRRRSSSSS!!!!  Such a RAD BAND!!!  They pumped the room full of 80s and 90s covers that had everyone, including me, glowing from a dance fueled sweat for the rest of the night.  So awesome!  Cindy and Patrick… you two threw down one hell of a party!

Stationary and invitations… all the pretty things!  

Cindy’s dress looked stunning in the courtyard in their little cottage.  Carmel is filled with these little places to stay.  A perfect place to rent the whole venue and make it your own!  

A gift from the bridesmaids.  Each of them signed the picture frame.

I love the look Cindy’s dad gave her when he walked into the room…

Ohh heyyyyy ladies!  

All done up.  Cindy you are gorgeous!  

And there’s this guy.  Patrick… you clean up pretty well yourself!  

Patrick has been a big brother with Big Brothers Big Sister’s for 6 or 7 years.  His little brother Rey was a groomsman at the wedding.  

Cindy looks gorgeous walking down the aisle!  

Patrick’s face says it all.  

It’s official!  Congrats you two!  

We popped out of the party bus to take a few photos and were greeted by some WILD weather!   The wind was a BLOWIN!!!  30 Mph?  40 Mph?  I dont know… way too windy to bring the rest of the crew out.  

But we went for it anyway and got one of my favorite images of the day.

And there goes the dress!  Haha

Patrick’s family has been a member at the Monterey Peninsula Golf Club for years… Not a bad place to hang!  

Gorgeous ladies!

And the fellas look pretty solid too!  

The room was absolutely STUNNING!  Its not often that I see florals like this!  Fiona Florals did an amazing job! 

So much laughter and joy out of these two.  All.  Night.  LONG!  

Cindy and here dad… 

Ahhh… Love this shot of Patrick and Mom.  

Let’s boogie!  Cheeseballers, hit it!  

Yup… thats about right!!!

Cindy and Patrick…. Many many thanks to you two for bringing me out!  You inspire me to live life a little bigger and say YES, to those opportunities that make life awesome.  Cheers to you both!

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