Lora and David’s Roaring Camp Railroad Wedding in Felton CA

U! S! A!  YOU WERE BORN TO RAGE!  SO COMMON!!!  (sung screaming at the top of your lungs)

Lora helped me photograph a wedding earlier this season and on our way home in my Beemer we were BLASTING some obnoxiously aggressive dance music.  This song BORN TO RAGE!!! came on and the two of us were fist pumping like we were trying to knock holes through the roof of my car.  The song came to a finish and while laughing Lora said, “OMG that song needs to go on my wedding playlist!”  Not too many days later, I had Lora and David up to the house and we got on the topic of music and again.   This very song came on through my bluetooth speaker in my living room and David gets out of his chair and starts boppin his head!!!  He  then proceeds to give Lora and I a full on preview of the six dance moves that were FULLY going to take place on their wedding day.  He’s on the floor, jumping up and down, spinning like its a tryout for ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew… ya’ll know that right?!?)  Let’s just say that from that point on I knew this wedding was going to be a blast.

On wedding day, I joined Lora in the bridal suite and got to business.  My bestest makeup artist and friend, Nikol Elaine, was making each lady look fab beyond belief.  And then we got to the point where Lora put her dress on.  HOLY WOW.  I lost it.  I fully got teary eyed.  I’m usually a pretty stoked out duderific guy… but in this moment I just welled up out of no where.  I don’t know what it was about seeing her in that dress.  I’ve been to dozens of weddings with Lora by my side, and I’ve never been that effected during these moments.  Something about seeing her in that perfectly fitted princess cut dress just got me.  All I could do was walk over and give her a monster hug.  She just looked perfect in that moment.  Crazy.  I don’t know if that has ever happened to me before.  Lora you looked stunning. ;D

These two had their wedding at Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, CA.  We had the bridal party all get ready early so that we could get to the camp and hop on board this super badass steam powered train where they had rented the caboose for us to ride.  As we traveled in the locomotive up the hill we popped a couple bottles of champagne and bumped some tunes to set the vibe for the rest of the day.  By the time we got back for their ceremony we had knocked out all their photos and had nothing to do but get them hitched!   They also planned a super fun scavenger hunt prior to dinner.  This game resulted in a level of ridiculousness that included lipstick smeared on guys faces, dudes running around in women’s heels, and cell phones being thrown through the air all for the attempt to claim the right as scavenger master!  The candids from this are hilarious.

Purdy little details… 

Ring shot!  

Lora was all laughs getting ready

And we’re getting to that moment!

It’s on!  I could not believe how well this dress fit Lora.  Both physically and stylistically.  It’s so HER! 

Haha, love David’s grin in this one…

The conductor was gave us a Whoot Whooooooot!  As we rolled up.  Thanks for that, Dude!  

After taking the train up to the top of the hill we jumped out for a few bridal party shots!  

Ohh yeahhh… the ladies! 

Get em fellas!  

David, dude… you look freaking SOLID in a suit!  

When we got back down from the train ride we did a few portraits.  Spin her!  Spine her again!  And again! 


While they waited for the ceremony to start the guys started playing a game… “Push em?”  “Hands?”  I have no idea… David did not fare so well this round!  

Alright guys… let’s make it official! 

Great candid of Lora’s parents.  ;D

It’s official!

Love this portrait…

Not every couple would get their skip on like this… haha.  I say, just GO FOR IT!  

We got some crazy light towards the end of the night.  Stunning!  

David and Lora just gave everyone a lesson on how to do a first dance.  Did they rehearse this?  I dont think so… thats just David’s jam.  

Again, David leading his Mom on the dance floor.  Such a great moment. 

Did I mention there was dancing? 

And yes… David’s side of the family brought the Jewish chair dance!  I definitely am doing this at my wedding.  And no, if you’re wondering, I’m NOT jewish… This is just too insanely fun to miss out on!!!

SERIOUSLY!!!!  haha…

And they’re out!  

Lora and David let me use them as a test wedding for the CGPartyBooth!  This was our first time adding it to a wedding collection and  it was a HIT!  We had a blast photographing them and their guests!   

Now THAT’s a family photo!  

Even G’ma got in on the action! 

David… DUDE  you are my HERO!  Busting out the WORM!  HELL YEAH!  

Lora!  You made for an amazing bride, it was such a pleasure working with you!

Team pic!  Ashley Bennett flew from Florida to help coordinate the wedding.  She did an AMAZING job and was so much fun to work with!

Lora and David…. HOLY FREAKING CRAP!  What a fun wedding.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a huge day in your lives.  This was a highlight for me, for sure!

Vendors that made it all happen:

Venue: Roaring Camp Railroad

Coordinator: Ashley Bennett Events

Dress: Trudy’s

Catering: Casa Teresa

Makeup: Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry


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