Christine and Stephens San Francisco Wedding at Lafayette Park and the Burritt Room

I’ll never look at Green Chile the same way again after having dinner with these two.  Stephen grew up in New Mexico and while we were chatting about food during their dinner here at my house the topic of Green Chile came up.  Now… I did not know this was a thing.  I italicize “thing” because I quickly learned that Green Chile in the SouthWest is pretty much the primary religin… Jesus, I’m sorry dude… you’ve got second seat in this hood.  It’s not Chile Verde, its not Salsa, Or Chili with beans and meat and all that… Green Chile is the stuff your mamma makes with peppers that just came out of the ground.  MASSIVE buckets of peppers are roasted in big metal grate rotisseries that live in backyards next to your coveted BBQ.  Christine was even hooked.  After visiting Stephen’s family over the years she started to have a longing for it.  Like, GET OUTTA MY WAY PEOPLE, I’M FEIGNING FOR THE STUFF!!!!!  haha.  We had a full on 20 minute conversation about Green Chile and as we talked about it I thought we might have been torturing ourselves as we began to salivate more and more like rabid dogs on the hunt for the green stuff.  GIMME SOME OF THAT CHILE!~  A few days after the dinner Stephen even sent me an article in the Huff Post about the famed food, only to find that we covered 90% of what the article talked about.  Haha.

When I found out that Christine and Stephen were going to feature dried chile pepper ristas on either side of where they were to stand during their wedding it felt totally appropriate.  Beyond that… everything about this wedding was focused on getting down with their friends.  Seriously.  We bounced around San Francisco bumping beats by Macklemore, stopping at Nob Hill and the top of the Lion Street Steps for some photos.  After their ceremony at Lafyette Park they busted out Cocktail hour at the very speakeasy inspired Burritt Room in San Francisco… No, I’m not talking about wine and beer and boring sippy things like that.  I’m talking spirit forward, boozy, big boy drinks!!!  Men, Women, and Children were cocktailing it up!  (well, there were no children, so maybe not them) but this was the purest definition of Cocktail Hour I’ve ever seen!!!

Needless to say people let loose, and had a blast (perhaps it was those adult beverages?).  Big props to Christine and Stephen for being totally awesome the entire day.  Everything was so easy going from the minute Christine walked into the bridal suite with a bottle of Champagne to the last minute Stephen was running around the dance floor with a GoPro strapped to his forehead.  Well done on hosting a super fun wedding for all!  Thanks a BILLION for letting me be a part of it!

Christine picked up this beautifully simple dress for Saks and had it fitted… Love the black and white!

Christine and Stephen  HAND MADE his wedding ring!!!  I saw photos of them melting metal, forming it, adding the layers.  It’s 100% custom and one of a kind.  SO FREAKING COOL!

Well, why not just have a sip in the morning?  ;D

Love this photo of Christine and her mom right after putting her dress on…

The girlies!

Looking good Mr. Martinez!

They love the Nob Hill neighborhood so we ran around and got a few photos on California Street.

Right after getting some props from the trolly riders!

One of their favorite places… The top of the Lion Street Steps.   We popped a bottle and listened to Macklemore’s And we Danced like 6 times!  

Back seat Selfie!

Alllllllllll of the girls! 

And the fellas too!

Loved this long red carpet for Christine’s grand entrance…

Pretty awesome spot right in the heart of San Francisco to get married.  See the ristas right next to them!?!?!

One of my favorite shots after sealing the deal with a kiss!  

Now THATS a group photo! 

The top of Lafayette Park in San Francisco.

The speeches were, of course, AMAZING. 

The bartenders were hard at work all night!  They started cracking eggs during dinner so they would be prepared for their egg white fizz drinks! 

Gettin weird!

Stephen busted out some moves…

They had three signature cocktails most of which featured Chartreause.  They told the bar to load up on the stuff just to be sure!

A $700 ice former is used to make perfectly spherical ice balls for the cocktails.  Pretty freaking awesome.  

A few of the people and places that made it all come together!

Makeup: Hilary Bucher

Dress: Saks 5th Avenue

Ceremony Venue: Lafayette Park

Reception Venue: The Burritt Room

PhotoBooth: SnapFiesta

And thats a wrap!  Thanks again guys!  Thanks again and here’s to many happy years and LOADS of Green Chile!~


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    Colson, you were awesome! Your photographs are fabulous. Thanks for capturing the love, laughter and joy we experienced.ReplyCancel

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