Announcing the CGPartyBooth! Now available to add more AWESOME to your wedding!

If there’s one thing I am super good at… it’s scarfing burritos!!! If there are TWO things I am good at, the second would be compiling a ridiculously awesome dance-party playlist! OHHH SNAP!!!!

If we went to college together you might remember DP’s in 703, or booty shakin’ on the bar top on Wasteland Wednesdays, or maybe you attended one of my 9 Baywatch to Breakers parties in the streets of San Francisco. My life goal is to encourage people around me to sweat more from dancing!!! I’ve thought about making CG dance party branded headbands, but I’m just afraid that the demand would shut down the textile market in Asia. Haha… riiiiiiiight! As of today, I’m super stoked to announce that I’m bringing this dance party fueled talent to CGWeddings!!!

Now available for every wedding is my spankin’ new CGPartyBooth – San Francisco’s first Dance Party Powered Photo Booth!

Ohh hell yeah!!!

Let’s sing our faces off! Let’s dance like Beyonce just hopped in your booty! Let’s boogie with your grandma! Let’s have the best freaking party of our LIVES!!! If you’d like to pump up your wedding with some Dance Powered AWESOME send me a note on my contact page and we’ll chat!

Let’s get weird people!

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