Jessica and George’s Engagement Session in North Beach San Francisco

I was super stoked for this engagement session with Jessica and George because they put some blood sweat and tears into actually making it happen.  These two won the session as a result of their fiercely competitive nature in an engagement photo contest that I ran late last year.  They hustled their friends, made compromising trades of their bodies in exchange for votes, and actually paid people to pimp out their page.  (ahem… well the first one is true… maybe not the last two).  Either way, they did a bang up job of getting the word out and they came away with the grand prize of spending two solid hours sipping cocktails  and busting some moves in front of the camera with me on a Friday night.  Doesn’t everyone want to do that?  haha… Riiiiiight.  I’ll just keep telling myself that.

Jessica and George live right in the heart of North Beach, so that was a natural hub for this session.  When we talked about the things they loved to do together it all came back around to eating and grabbing drinks with friends on the weekends, and venturing around their favorite places in their own hood.

Just for the record… if you show up in a red dress and yellow heels for your engagement session, you will get approximately 17 extra points from the engagement session gods for bringing the hotness!!!

Comstock is a killer place to stop for a drink if you ever visit San Francisco, or if you live here, or if you like having fun, or if you like breathing air.  Yes, I’m talking to you… Go!  Go now!  See for yourself!

But first, take a picture in front while you wait for them to open… 

And when they do open, find a seat in the small room near the window.  People watching for daaaaayyyys.    This is right before things got serious…. 

Ohh snap!  And it just got suurrrrious!  George can be thankful I didn’t post the resulting photo.

Sometimes I photograph people and things just seem to fall in place.  It was amazing to watch the two of them interact… she would make a move and George would just slide right along with her, following her moves all the way.   George would hold her and she would just sort of sink into a perfectly complimentary position.  

In my head I’m thinking… “Guys… ummm… this is super HOT!”  annnnd three seconds later it came out of my mouth.  

At the end of the night, why not just jump on it?!?!

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to photograph these two.  This was my first contest of its kind, and whenever I start something new I have questions about how it will turn out.  In this case, a super deserving couple, hustled their buns off and ultimately made the whole project a complete success.  Thank you Jessica and George for all your efforts… you guys are totally freaking AWESOME!

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