Christine and JP’s Engagement Session in San Francisco’s SOMA Neighborhood

Warning… this post is a backyard engagement session.  Well…. kiiiiinda.  It’s a San Francisco back yard… not exactly the Seattle backyards that I grew up in that were full of blackberry bushes and creeks streaked red with salmon spawning up river in the fall.  Noooo this is Christine and JPs backyard.  Like, the San Francisco Giants show up three times a week to play a few games of baseball (not quite like my dad and I playing catch in the back yard)… Sail boats sitting just on the edge of San Francisco’s embarcadero street go in and out of the harbor (not like the little toy boats I would play with in the bath tub as a kid)… Bars and restaurants are LITERALLY in the building (not like the one Safeway that I had drove errands to like 6.7 times a week to buy General Tso’s chicken for dinner).  No… their backyard totally kicks ass!

Christine and JP bought this session at an auction benefiting one of my favorite non-profit organizations here in the city, GLIDE.  Christine has been a member of GLIDE for years and we both have spent time helping raise awareness and funds for the organization through their Legacy Committee.  In the auction package they received a stinking MASSIVE gift card to Gary Danko (ahem… why didn’t I bid on this myself?), hair and makeup by the always fantastic Katie Nash Beauty, and an engagement session from this dude.   Let’s just go ahead and admit that’s a pretty stellar package and even more so because it went to support an even more stellar program.

We started their engagement session right outside their front door… Like who’s front yard looks like this in the city?  Dopeness.  

And then went across the street to a park sitting on the edge of San Francisco’s Bay.  

From their South Beach apartment they can watch boats going in and out of the harbor

For Giants games that they are not actually going to go to, JP’s got a kayak in the garage thats primed to jump into McCovey Cove.  He’s got everything except for a 6 pack teed up in the garage ready to go.  I might be checking in with him on the regular to see if I can take it for s a spin!

Tres is RIGHT around the corner… I always encourage a drink to ease the nerves a little bit.  Aaaaactually, no thats not true, I encourage a drink just to get a drink!  

I love this shot… its kinda like a sexy date night photo where you just cant wait to get home to get it on.  Rawrrrrrr! 

Annnnd of course when they DO get home, they’ve got this killer view of the bridge.  

Finally the Paragon  opened up for us.  JP swears that he spends at least three nights a week in this place.  When Christine is out of town that frequency jumps to at least 6 nights a week.  If I’m ever looking for some company over dinner, I’m going to pop my head into this joint and look for his mug!

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