Bringing sexy back! – Seven tips on how to choose a perfect outfit for your engagement session

Soooo what’s the best thing about an engagement session???  The SHOPPING, right?!!!! Duhhhh!

Noooo, shopping is never needed, but I do always get asked, “Like, WHAT DO I WEAR!?!?!” Which ultimately leads to the inevitable decision to go “look around”   Cuz… you know… you’re just “looking.”  Riiiiiiiight.

Well…The good new here is that there are no crazy guidelines.  Just bring your hotness!  Got it?  Good!  Haha, no?  Okay, I’ll try and be more specific.  Typically I suggest bringing two outfits, so we have some variety.  The first can be a more casual, walking around town, easy going, look and the second can be a bit more done up, going out for a night on the town vibe.  That part in The Mask where Jim Carrey’s character is all, “SMMMOKINNNN’!!!”  Yah, that’s outfit number two!

With that in mind, here are seven tips that can help get you set for engagement photo success!

1) Getch’yo hair did!   If at all possible I highly recommend scheduling your wedding hair and makeup trial a few hours before your session… It’s a great excuse to actually get that trial done, and be looking all gorgeous for your photos!  If you are not already hooked up with a hair stylist or a makeup artist just let me know.  I’ll make sure you’ve got the right peeps!

2) Wear an outfit you feel totally awesome wearing!  Seriously!  And not awesome, like mega fashion statement, “I’m gonna put Lady Gaga’s bacon wrap outfit to shame.”  We’re talking about an outfit you feel totally comfortable wearing, but it elevates you to a higher level.  Something that makes you want to stand a little taller, and strut a little bit struttier (STRUTtier people not SLU… nevermind!).  Yep, you’re that girl in the room.  HOT!  A cocktail or summer dress is always a good choice.  Skinny jeans, heels, and a super cute top?  Yep.

3) Be a WOMAN!  Iiiiimmmm every WOMAN!!!!  IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM EVERYYYY WOMAN!  Yeah you are.  Just be singing that while you are choosing your outfits… and because you are every woman I’d love to show off exactly what makes you that woman.  Your very gorgeous, delightfully curvy figure!  Please please PLEASE don’t hide it!  What are those dresses called?  A moo moo?  Ahhhh!!!!!  What is that thing!?!?!  The Motel 6 called, they want their curtains back.  I’m sorry even the name is terrible.  Please don’t wear that.  If you have a looser fitting dress, throw on a belt and give it some shape!  Yeah girl, let’s see whatcha mamma gave ya!   If you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Mmmm Hmmm, I would eat THAT with a spoon!”… then we’re on the right track!

4) Assssessssorise!!!… (said with a lot of “s” sounds)  Adding some jewelry, some ring, some bling or some outrageously cute heels will up the ante!  Now, I’m not talking about filming the next Jay-Z music video, but a few added details, or a pop of color can go a long way.  Just remember, keep it you… keep it authentic and to your style, just don’t be afraid to actually bust out some fun stuff!

5) Make like a cake and add a few layers!  Layers are a girls best friend!  What city do we live in?  Ohh that one where it’s 75 in January and 55 in June?  All I’m saying is that the weather in San Francisco is wack, and layers are cute.  Bring a jacket, a cardigan, a coat, a sweater, or a man with some really big arms to wrap you up like a hot tortilla.  Plus we get the added bonus of changing up the look a bit without too much hassle.

6) Don’t get all matchy matchy.  Coordinating your outfit with your fiance so there are some matching accents of color, or style.  Good thing!   Showing up like you are in a 1980’s family photo session on the beach where you are both wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt?  Not such a good thing!  Unless of course you two met on a softball team (or rather SLOSHball team) or at Santa Con while raging in a big red suit (ahem Devon and Dan) and want to wear those matching shirts or santa outfits respectively.  Those I will allow!!!

7) Bring it!  Seriously.  BRING. IT!  Bringing the most energetic, enthusiastic, and vibrant version of your personality is HOT!  It’s all about attitude!  If you feel and act like a million bucks, you’re gonna look like a million bucks.  Have a drink!  Dance in the kitchen before leaving!  Shake yo booty!  Whatever it takes to get your blood moving.  You being the biggest version of yourself and letting it all hang out (your personality… not your chest) is honestly the sexiest thing I can imaging in a photograph.   Your man will look at you with admiration, and you’ll feel like a goddess looking back at the photos.  Ahhhh hAAAAAAA!!!!  (said the angels as were flying by).

Thats seven!  I made it!  Ladies, how’d I do?  Do you have any suggestions for engagement session outfits?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below!


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