Jill and Derek’s San Francisco Ferry Building Engagement Session

I got TOTALLY schooled on this one.

I thought I knew what I was doing around the Ferry Building.  I had my spots.  I had my places.  I had my little routine.  NO.  I had NOTHING!  First of all, talking to Jill and Derek about food is like watching a WWE broadcaster getting hopped up about wheat grass shots, organic gelato, pickled sauerkraut, and local organic ranch butcheries.  Ohh HELL YEAAAHHHH!!!!  Jill broke down the plan for me.  “We’re going to go down here where we can get validated parking (I had no idea anyone within 45 miles of the ferry building would validate). Then we get these wooden chips which make paying for things super easy, then we stop at this vendor, and this dude, and this lady and we get this here and that there, and when were done we’ll do Veggie Valet.”  “Veggie Valet?”  “Yes, a valet service for your vegetables.”  Don’t want to walk abound with 15 pounds of eggplant, 6 rutabaga plants, a MOUNTAIN of Kale (because we live in San Francisco) and half of a pig?  Ohh, we’ll hold on to that for you while you get your car.  Amazing.  I had no idea.  These two, had the Ferry Building baked!

Jill had to be the cutest market goer ever… Look at that clutch and matching grocery bag meant just for the market.  

Gelato was our first stop… As it should ALWAYS be!  

How about a wheat grass shot??  How about TWO shots of wheat grass?  They took ’em down no prob!  

We snuck upstairs while the Good Food awards were going on in the background.  Love the Ferry Building!  

Get it girl!  


Haha, I love this shot.  Derek took the lead on this one!  I think Derek was slow rolling me about his golfing skills.  Since our engagement session I’ve talked with a few of his friends, and they all say he rips it.  I’ll be keeping him in mind for lessons if I ever need to seek in on the PGA tour. 

The pink ball is OBVIOUSLY Derek’s.

We wrapped by shooting behind the Presidio Golf Club which has this great walking path through some really incredible eucalyptus trees.  They love getting out into the outdoors for hikes and walks so this was a perfect place to wrap the shoot.

Were photographing their wedding in Chicago in April of this year, and they’ve managed to reserve private access to an art gallery for us to run around before their ceremony.  I’m So. Freaking. Excited!

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