Cindy and Patrick’s Engagement Session at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, CA

“I’m not gonna need much time to take you down in Table Tennis” This is the very first thing Cindy ever said to Patrick.  They had not met, they had never seen each other face to face, I dont think they had ever even stalked each other on Facebook.  (I’ve never done that by the way… I mean, NEEEVVER).  At the time, they both worked at Google and were prepping for the Googlympics, a day of super gaming where employees were matched with one another in head to head battles of tiny tennis and a slew of other games.  Cindy comes from a competitive spirit.  She played volleyball at Santa Clara for four years, has dominated every length of triathlon (yes, Iron Man included) and also has had some rigorous training in the game of Pong.  Patrick was not one to roll over from a solid line of smack talk.  He let her know that her luck with a paddle might not be so good with him on the other side of the table. They met, they played…. He DOMINATED without a reservation in the world.  You see, what Cindy did not know, was that Patrick had grown up in the fluorescent lights of his local family social club.  He made it his goal to thoroughly wax any competitor in the building.  He made 4 year olds eat humble pie and smiled as they walked away crying to their mothers.  In fact there was only one lady in the club who could take him down, and she happened to be 87 years old (plus or minus a decade) and totally uninterested in communicating with anyone.  Who was that woman?  No one will know… Back to these two… Who woulda thought all this life-long-pong-preparation would lead to finding his wife?  Who woulda thought some smack talking email would lead to her husband?  I don’t know… but thats why I love diving into people’s stories.  I hear so many crazy tales about the beginning of people’s relationships, and stuff like this just makes me love life a little bit more.  The random and unplanned makes life worth living. Pong isn’t the only thing these two are good at…. Clearly, Skiing is at the top of their list… followed closely by getting Après (A.K.A post shredding drinks).  Yes, I got a formal lesson in BOTH!Patrick’s been renting a Ski House in Tahoe for the last 10ish years…. and they’ve got the Valley floor like 37 feet from their front door, so we started there. Nailed it!  We were SO lucky to get some fresh snow before this session!  A ski patrol guy said it was the best weekend he’d seen in two months.  Apparently this is not Patrick’s normal Tahoe get up…. Styled hair and a collared shirt?  About 20 people made a comment on Facebook after I posted a single photo.  Something was up.

Just one of the crazy awesome views of Lake Tahoe from the top of Squaw.  With views like that, how could you NOT love this place?  This is probably the only time the two of them were behind me all day… 

This is my attempt at taking a selfie with an SLR while wearing gloves 40 feet in the air.  Pre-lunch game plan…. “Let’s get like 5 or 6 runs in after we grab a bite.”  Post lunch game plan…. “Uhhh wanna do like one run and see what we get?” “Yah thats what I’m thinking too….”Last shot of the day which was followed by some well deserved hot tubbin’ and a Sushi dinner that would make Shamu jealous.  They’ve got a pretty awesome situation up there in Tahoe… Super thankful that I was invited to join them for a day in the life… I’m thinking the only thing better would be to do a “week in the life” instead!

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