Blog post #9: For the Bride-to-be: Lipstick and Lashes

Hot wedding tips on make up! 

When I met Nikol, three words came to mind. Fabulous, friendly, and fabulous! Wait… did I mention fabulous? Yes, okay I’ve made my point! Nikol is a veteran in the cosmetics industry. Certified with MAC cosmetics like YEARS ago, she is now brushing, blushing, and lashing brides all over the Bay, bringing her delightful presence everywhere she goes. Her work speaks for itself, but perhaps most notable is how after being with her for 15 minutes, you feel like you’ve known each other for years.

Nikol has been so kind to provide a few thoughts to consider when thinking about your beauty experience as well as a nice little promotion at the bottom of this email. I asked her the question, “What are three things you wish every bride knew about wedding makeup?” Here’s what she had to say:

1. Why should I hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

Wedding days are filled with family, friends, and last minute details which can all consume your time! A professional makeup artist is going to bring an experienced and artful eye in achieving your desired bridal makeup look. Makeup artists have the ability to visualize the end result and have experience with color and placement. This will allow you to focus on those around you during this exciting event. All of these factors are so important, especially since you will be in the limelight of a professional photographer!

2. What other beauty appointments should I consider?

Beauty appointments include facials, waxing or threading, massage, lash extensions, etc. Though I do not think these are all imperative, they are definitely a nice treat during all your hard work and planning. If you have never experienced a facial before this is a beautiful excuse to make an appointment. Facials and waxing appointments should be done at least 2 weeks before your wedding day.

3. Eye Last Extensions vs. False Eye Lashes

If you have ever met me you know that I would say both! I will briefly outline what I consider to be the difference:

1. E.L.E. (extensions- anywhere from 200-500$) are done by a certified professional. One false lash is attached with a very strong glue to one of your very own lashes. This tends to last anywhere from 3-5 weeks at which point your natural lash falls out. You can then go back to have the lashes filled in again.

2. F.E.L. (strips- anywhere from 4-25$) are glued on and taken off in the same day with a surgical adhesive (typically called Duo Glue.) Generally these lashes can look less natural since they have a ‘strip’ that holds them together. These can be cut in half and come in many different sizes.

Added Bonus for you! 

Nikol Elaine is pleased to offer a special bonus in partnership with Colson Griffith Photography. Nikol is offering a sweet deal for subscribers of this newsletter. Get a FREE set of false eyelashes when you book an appointment and mention Colson Griffith Photography! Send Nikol an email at

To see more of her work, please visit: or on Yelp!

Happy Planning! 


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