Blog post #8: For the Bride-to-be: Hot Hair Tips!

Hot Hair Tips!

Katie Nash is a crazy talented freelance hairstylist and makeup artist living here in San Francisco. She was definitely the first person I thought to call on for some hair nuggets (tips, and tricks I mean! Not actual nuggets… ughh that would be weird… and kinda gross! haha). She brings a super approachable and laid back sense with a quirky vibe. If you want to get on her good side mention a puppy, or coffee, or a new indy band. You’ll be BFFs forever!

We recently connected to break down wedding hair… you’ll find just a small portion of her genius in the tips below! ;D 


1.  Think long term!

Talk to your stylist as soon as you know the day is coming. Plan haircuts and color with your ultimate wedding hair in mind. Hair treatments and protective products are really important if you are growing your hair out. When considering haircolor, lean toward timeless rather than trendy. Solid color, fine to medium highlights or a slight increase of vibrancy will look great in photos for years to come.

You also want to consider elements of your wedding venue when considering a style… is it a windy location? You might want to wear your hair up so it won’t blow all around that day. Think about how your hair style will affect your experience of the day — will it be hot? Will you get sweaty with your hair down? do you want to be wiping your hair out of your face all day, or do you want a swept up look? However, if you NEVER wear your hair up, or you are, say, uncomfortable with your neckline, you might want to consider how that style will make you FEEL. The goal is to look and feel beautiful and confident as well as comfortable.


2. Book a consultation for a bridal trial

A bridal trial is really a must — it is essential to try different styles and play with ideas to see what will work for you on your wedding day. You don’t want to be making decisions on the day of the wedding about how to incorporate your veil into your hair style, or whether your hair should be up or down.

You might want to coordinate a bridal trial with a date night, or girls night out so that you can get all your money’s worth for the effort! Make sure to bring all your hair accessories and veil if possible.

Styling your hair early will ensure you know your hair will do what you want. You will be able to see if you will need any additional tools such as extensions, volumizing sponges, etc.

3. A picture is worth 1000 words…

During your bridal trial make sure you bring adequate visuals to your stylist so that you can communicate about the look you are going for. What is “curly” to one person might not translate to the same look of “curly” to another! A photograph helps to clear up any confusion.

You should also bring pictures or sample pieces of your gown, bridesmaid dresses, any accessories or other details so that you can talk about incorporating the look and feel that you are going for. What words describe your wedding day? Is it vintage or modern? Beachy or Classic? All these things help so that your stylist can get a feeling of the vibe of your day.

Another idea is to bring photos photos of hair you DON’T like so a stylist knows what NOT to do. Ask your stylist what they recommend. Try to be open to feedback and recommendations but be clear if you have rigid expectations.

4. Consider appointments for other special people!

Consider scheduling appointments for important people other than yourself. Don’t forget the groom! He should have a haircut one to two weeks prior to the wedding so any tan lines that may be present on the hairline will be diminished. Mothers, sisters, Aunts, bridesmaids etc should all be considered when booking salon appointments on the wedding day.

Special Bonus!

Book a trial session with Katie and you’ll get a complimentary lipgloss! How fun is that?!

Happy Planning!




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