Blog post #7 for the bride to be: All about the mood

All about the Mood.

Lawrence of Verducci Event Production was loaded with great ideas for this newsletter. Lawrence has been a DJ for over ten years and can’t get enough! He sees his role as a pivotal part of the day — he likens himself to a concierge — someone who knows all the details of the reception and the schedule and keeps everyone on point!

Your DJ will likely be the MC for the evening, and will help you transition from event to event. Ever heard that first dance song come to an event and then silence…. Bueller? Bueller???? Anyone there? A proficient DJ will inform your guests of whats happening next and transition into the appropriate music for that next event. Not only are they keeping tabs on your guests, a DJ will always make sure the key players are in the right place at the right time! You’d hate if your videographer was in the bathroom when your iPod started your first dance song. It’s important to hire someone who not only knows music and how to set a mood, but also knows how to orchestrate the ebb and flow of a wedding.

Are you wondering what a DJ could do for you? Cant I just get an iPod and let it roll? Let’s break it down here for a sec! A DJ or a band does SO MUCH MORE than just play the music! They deliver the mood! They can get people pumped up and dancing, or they can rev it up, or turn it down. They pretty much have the crowd attached to their fingers like marionette dolls. A quality DJ will also often provide dramatic lighting, photo booths, and other fun details that you might not have previously considered.

Things to think about.

Try to stay away from an “i-pod wedding” if at all possible… you want a dedicated person in charge of both the schedule, the mood, and the events. The performance factor of a DJ is important — let them handle the mood! You want someone who knows how to work the dance floor and can get everyone up and having a good time! Try to think about the overall spirit of your reception, and you want someone who knows how to handle a variety different musical tastes while still appealing to everyone in the room.

Find a DJ that is a good mix of hip and professional — someone who knows how to spin the tunes at your favorite club is not necessarily going to be a good fit for your wedding reception. You want to make sure that you meet with your DJ in person before the wedding day to discuss details of what you are expecting. Is your ceremony religious? Are you going to include cultural music in your reception? Does your DJ have this music available, and do they know how to appropriately participate in the special cultural dance? You want to make sure that they dress appropriately for the type of wedding you are having — should they wear a suit or is it a beach casual affair? Make sure your DJ knows how to match the event!

First Dance

Your first dance as husband and wife is a really special moment. You want to share that with your guests, and you want to be ready for it! Are you going to prepare a dance ahead of time? Will you take lessons? What song best represents you as a couple?

Light up the night.

Many DJs will provide alternate services for your reception, such as mood lighting. No one likes to dance in a well lit room! Think about it…. a warmly lit rooms allows people to interact on a higher level with each other, to relax and have a good time enjoying the music. Sometimes your venue doesn’t offer that kind of lighting, and that’s where your DJ can step in. You can turn off the overhead lights of the venue and look to the DJ to provide the groovy mood setting ambience. A Gobo is the the lighting on the floor — that look when you want added texture, or perhaps your names decorating the floor. It’s a really neat way to decorate that is subtle, yet personal.

added bonus!

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