Blog post #2 for the Bride-to-be: Thoughts about Wedding Photography


Photography Tips I give every bride!

These are ideas that I discuss with each of my brides before their wedding. They are hands down my favorite ways to improve the photo experience and the resulting images. If you’ve not yet booked a photographer, we’ll start there, and if you have… just skip on down to #2. Coo coo cachoo?

1. Choosing a photographer.

If you’ve already found your photographer you can move on to the next tip… You’re all set! If you have yet to make that decision, here is my number one thought for making the big selection: Choose the photographer who you would want to get a drink with after your consultation. Lets face it, you will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you will with your fiance / husband. As photographers, we are your shadow for the day! If your photographer makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh, and is generally a person you could see yourself hanging out with outside of your wedding, they are probably the right fit. If that person helps you have fun, relax, smile, and allow you to be yourself during the day, you are going to love your images.

If that person is, say, related to the Grinch, Debbie Downer or otherwise… I don’t care how technically perfect the images are, you will likely not appreciate the results if you had an unpleasant experience. This even goes for someone who you are just ehhh, getting along with. It is a long relationship from consultation to album delivery and working with someone you get along with will make the experience worth every penny. The photos, the products, all that is just left in the details.

2. Gather a box of details

Details, details, details! Weddings are all about details! Have you seen Pintrest lately? A general rule of thumb for a photographer is, “If they paid for it, photograph it.” So, how do we make sure that all those little details get photographed in a timely fashion. Take your shoe box and put every little detail you want photographed inside of it. Rings… Put em in! Earrings… put em in! Bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, tiara, your groom’s gift, garters, invitations, save the dates, veil, all of it. Put it in! When your photographer shows up they will likely ask for your shoes and any little things you want photographed. Instead of searching through a room that’s been turned inside out by six ladies getting ready, you just hand over your tidy box and you’re done! Easy cheesy!

3. Be sure your bridesmaids are ready before you.

Ahhh, this is one that I toootally stress and depending on who your brides maids are, it might take a little pep talk before your wedding. Be sure to ask your brides maids to be ready before you put your dress on. That means hair, makeup, dress AND shoes. Your photographer is going to want images of that beautiful transformation as you put your dress on, and as much as I love those LuLu Lemon Yoga pants that bridesmaid #3 is wearing… they are not going to do your photos any favors. Once they are ready, you might also ask if they can help tidy the room a bit. Nothing spoils an image better than a half eaten club sandwich and a pink dress bag sitting in the background.

4. Plan something fun before your ceremony!

Last but certainly not least… consider planning a fun outing with your bridal party before your ceremony. “WHAT!?!” you might be thinking… Ha. I get that response all the time. Seriously!.. Consider getting ready long before your ceremony, like three hours before, and then take some time for just you, your fiance, and bridal party to celebrate. Take two hours and go grab a glass of champagne together at a local bar, go wine tasting at a local vineyard, go for a walk in a park, visit the beach, or a museum, or go for a ride on a cable car. Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate with those closest to you, and so often I find couples plan their weddings based on a traditional wedding day schedule, which is not always optimal for having a really really ridiculously good time. Being ready early will slow down the pace of your day, and allow you to relax and have fun. During this time, your photographer can take some candid group shots, laughing, having a good time etc. and maybe a few quick formals, but I always stress, this time is meant for you and your bridal party to celebrate. It’s not a photo session! I do this with every single one of my couples, and we’ve had a blast each and every time. 😀


Happy Planning!



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