Nikki and Mike’s at The Winery San Francisco and Treasure Island Wedding

“We just wanna have a really great party… Like…. reeeealllyyy GREAT.  Like, all our friends… dancing like crazy, singing their heads off to Journey, you know… that kind of thing”  That’s pretty much all I need to say about Nikki and Mike, buuuut I’m gonna indulge a bit!  I’ve known Nikki for a few years (we may have gone to a sorority dance together as friends back in the day) and if there has ever been a Nikki fan club, I am certain that I am fully qualified to be president.   Put me at the TOP baby!

A few years back Nikki and I sat down at the ohh-so-posh Santa Row in San Jose, and while sipping cocktails with our pinkies out she started telling me about this guy.  This guy from LA!  He’s coming up to see me!  “Colson…. I think he’s the one”   “Uhh didn’t you like, JUST meet this dude?”  “Yah, but this just feeeeels different”  We left that happy hour and the next time we talked, this LA dude, Mike, was moving up here to the Bay.  Just like that, they HIT it off (A-Rod was like daaaymn!).  Seeing Nikki get so excited about Mike is something Ill never forget…    Every time we talked she just sounded like she was going to explode with puppies, unicorns, and flowers all at the same time.

When we got together to talk about their wedding, I finally had the opportunity to meet Mike.   Turnes out  he’s a total stud BTW… I might have started man crushing on him.  (But that’s between you and me!)  We ate Ethiopian food with our bare hands, totally grubbing out, and talked about this party they were planning.  All they cared about was that their friends would come and have an epically good time, and well, get married!  I could not imagine a better plan.

After getting ready at the Hyatt in San Francisco they had their wedding over at Winery SF on Treasure Island and were only slightly distracted by the 1000’s of people attending the Treasure Island Music Festival on a few blocks away.  Somehow they managed to have a dozen live bands playing some background music for them during the ceremony!

I have to give Christine Chang (a super stud-ette of a photographer down in LA) and Lora Nardi (my always fantabulous second photographer) for shooting this wedding in my absence.  I think they did a pretty killer job in a total pinch!  You two ROCK!!!!!!!

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