Devon and Dan’s Cathedral Grove, Saratoga Springs wedding

Some people take a little encouragement to get relaxed in front of the camera.  You know… a little coaching, a little direction, a little shake-your-butts-till-you-feel-like-it’s-going-numb what have you… Yah.  That was NOT AT ALL the case for these two!  Devon and Dan did their first look and the second she peered around the corner to take one look at Dan… BAM!!! Smiles for DAAAYYSSSSS!  Dan opened up his eyes and a it was like christmas morning for the kid.  #awesome.

Throughout the afternoon I’d ask these two to stand in a particular location for a photo.   As soon as I had finished saying what I needed to say, they both would start laughing.  Every.  Stinkin.  TIME!  It was like they had chemistry just oozing out of their bodies (you know… the fun sexy kind of ooze, not that Double Dare stuff).

I feel as though Devon and Dan planned their wedding at Saratoga Springs with the intent of making it just one super mega huge fun day for their friends.  They took their bridal party wine tasting before the ceremony.  They had had ladder golf, bag-o, and their own personal home brewed beer available to guests as they arrived for the ceremony.  The two of them and their officiant, Spencer, managed to make everyone laugh until they cried during the ceremony.  The same went for their toasts (“Necesicitas Tall Boys” for those of you that were there), and finally I don’t think there was a single person who did not storm the dance floor as soon as the music dropped.  From the beginning to end Devon and Dan led the day with crazy good energy and totally rubbed it all up on anyone else that got within a mile of their wedding.

Mucho props to everyone else who helped make this wedding a hit… Saratoga Springs is basically a real life neverland… Jonathan Reisfeld spruced all the ladies up with hair and makeup in no time.  La Pattysserie dropped a simple but totally cute cake / cupcake table… and DJ Jeff Werner did a great job MCing and keeping the critters (and possibly anyone sober) scared away with the latest Miley Cyrus beats.

Devon and Dan, you guys totally inspire me to find a relationship that looks like yours…You Schietrums seem to have this wedding stuff figured out!   

 Cathedral Grove Saratoga Springs Cypress Hotel Wedding

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