Ashley and Matt’s wedding at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga and Terrace Room on Lake Merritt

CATS AND DOGS!!!!!!!  Pouring, people!!!  That’s what the weather was doing the morning of Ashley and Matt’s wedding.  I woke up and was like, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh……”  As I crept across the new I-80 bridge into Oakland, I kept thinking, maybe this will blow over.  Maaaaaaayyyybbeeee.  I walked into Ashley’s room and said, “So… it’s a little damp outside (duhh) and I know we had planned on going to the forest grove on the St. Mary’s Campus…”  She replied, “I know!!! I’m so happy its raining!  I LOVE the rain!!!”  Haha.  I was like, “WHAAAAAAAT!  Who says that???? That’s AWESOME!”  “Let’s go check it out and see.”  That was her plan *before* the actual ceremony.  Let’s, go stand out in the rain, with the entire bridal party, in the rain, and hang out, in the rain… Did I mention it was raining?  Matt’s sister Nicole jumped into action and took her 5 foot 2 self down to Walgreens and hustled 17, yes, 17!!! umbrellas into her basket and came running back to the bridal suite well equipped to hang H2O style.  NICE!

This bridal party, ladies in their dresses, dudes in their tuxes, and Ashley and Matt, all decked out jumped out of the limos at St. Mary’s and proceeded to wade in the rain soaked wilderness of Moraga CA with champagne in hand.  We stood out there for an hour sipping bubbles, bumping some tunes and knocking out a few photos.  By the time we rolled out for the ceremony there was not one clean pair of feet, or a dry dress for that matter.  We were all SOAKED!  The brilliance of this… was the fact that Ashley had a whole different dress for their ceremony.  Who does that?  It was perfect!  She tossed off the rain soaked dress, shimmied on the fresh one, and walked down the aisle.  It was like she had been planning for rain since the day Matt put a ring on it!

I think I could go on about six more things that I totally geeked out on during the wedding (a booze run involving 40s, a pre-dinner scavenger hunt, ice cream sandwiches from Palo Alto’s crazy popular “Cream” desserterie which Matt happen to run) but Ill leave it as this.  Ashley and Matt’s wedding was elevated to crazy memorable heights because of the attitude they brought to the event.  Embracing the rain, and literally dancing in it.  I can only imaging if they keep that up in their marriage they will have nothing but years of crazy unique experiences, just like their wedding.

Thanks to some of the amazing vendors who helped make this possible!  A wedding is truly a group effort, and it’s great to see it all come together.

The reception was held at the Terrace Room on Lake Merritt.

Thank you to A Breath of Fresh Air  for coordinating the event.

Flowers from Family business Lee’s Discount Florist

Cake from Sugar Mill Cake Company

Hair and Make up thanks to Hair Solano

Music thanks to DJ Jeremy Productions

Beautiful gown from Novella Bridal


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